Full Day Safari in Bandhavgarh

For Photographers & Wildlife Lovers

Full Day Safari is great opportunity for wildlife photographers in Bandhavgarh. Long Safaris are ideal for lensmen and filmmakers who can avail all timings in the park. Fullday safaris are helpful to the guides in order to trek tigers and other wild animals.

FullDay Safari Timing

The duration of the safari is from dawn to dusk. The entry is fifteen minutes earlier than the regular safaris and fifteen minutes later than the regular safari timings. Tourists are allowing exiting any time whenever they want to exit from the park. 

FullDay Safari Permission

One has to write latter to field Director of Bandhavgarh for permission. You have to send the application for full day safari along with a draft of Rupees ten thousand as security money as well as the fees of fullday safari permit. The FD office is situated in Umaria Township nearby. 

FullDay Safari Zones

The benefit of fullday safaris is that you are not restricted to any of the tourism zones and can cross over whenever desired. But you are not allowed to breach the tourism zone limit.

Getting Refund

This amount is refunded once the visitor has submitted a set of images/video pertaining to that safari. A charge fixed by the department is to be paid for the safari which is higher than the regular visit. Charges for Foreigners and Indian are the same.

Seating Limit on Jeep

Only four tourists or photographers are allowed along with a guide and the driver. All the regulations regarding jeep safari are the same as the regular permit.

Verifications at Booking Office

To book the entry one needs to approach the booking office at the entrance gate of the reserve. After due formalities are done the entry is confirmed for the very date application is availed. Next step is to hire a registered jeep from the association. The guide is made available on the day of the safari from the gate where you have to submit entry pass for verification. This done, you are ready for the safari you can hire a naturalist guide if you need one.

Note: Carry water and Breakfast & Lunch along with cups and plates. Please fetch all the leftovers back as you are not allowed to dump them in centers where eating is allowed. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted.  

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