Bandhavgarh Panna Khajuraho Tour Package

Find the descriptions of Bandhavgarh Panna Khajuraho tour Package these are hotspot of Central India tour categorized Tiger & Temples.

Practically next to Panna these enthralling temples which lay buried for centuries till rediscovered by a British Officer during the Raj. Of eighty-four about twenty-four now survive in a preserved state.

The 10th Century AD marvels were the creation of the Chandela Dynasty that ruled this region. These unique temples made by interlocking stones depicting Hindu Gods and Goddesses besides angels and creatures.

In the outer walls of some of the Hindu Temples are erotic carvings of figures of angels, lovers, heavenly creatures all intertwined in bizarre sexual positions? The carvings are thought to be a treatise of sex meant to educate princess on love and sensuality very much part of our physical self. These carvings hence are not considered as banal but revered as that representing sensual art.

Panna is the land of the tiger, diamond, and princess. This is where all three aspects come together to influence humanity and create a fine tourism destination in Central India. Besides the tiger at the reserve, one can visit the diamond mines and monuments created by the Panna Dynasty.

The white tiger was not discovered here but at the nearby Sidhi Tiger Reserve. Anyway, due to proximity, BTR came under the shadow of white tiger popularity and immensely at that.

Thirty hillocks, tabletop mountains, forest rivers, marshy grasslands, and Sal Forests make up this tiger heaven. Also adding a bit to history are ancient monuments of tribal origin like the Bandhavgarh Fort, Vishnu Idols, temples, shelters, caves and numerous artifacts.

This makes the picturesque reserve pristine and esoteric where the big cats and enchanting wildlife thrive.

Kanha National Park is known as Kipling Country since the story of Mowgli the wolf child is based on these jungles. Once contiguous with Pench and Bandhavgarh the jungles are now fragmented nevertheless Kanha retains excellent biodiversity in terms of fauna and flora.

Internationally renowned for its tigers this big stretch of jungles is visited by thousands on the tiger safari. More than 100 tigers thrive in the habitats of the Kanha Ecosystem.

The fiction a novel by Rudyard Kipling “Jungle Book” is set in these panoramic surroundings and another class is the “Highlands of Central India” by James Forsyth mentions this amazing biodiversity heaven.

Bandhavgarh Panna Khajuraho Package Tour

07 Nights 08 Days Tour Package

Bandhavgarh – Panna – Khajuraho

Reach New Delhi our man will escort you to a luxury hotel and brief you. Time permitting we will visit Red Fort and Chandini Chowk that latter is an ancient bazaar and has wonderful eateries.

Fly to Jabalpur in Central India and then drive to Bandhavgarh to reach by lunchtime. A quick freshen up, a lively repast and then we go for a drive in the core area of the park. This is an introductory ride short and sweet. But will it yield a tiger it can? The evening time is for recreation, fine dining, and sound sleep.

An exciting mix of tiger safaris, birding and sightseeing are in store. The focus is on the tiger but the destination offers much more. It was hotbed civilization in ancient times a rather turbulent period of conquests. The remains of the fort, manmade shelters, and caves, stables, idols, temples can be seen during the excursions.  They are unique and esoteric objects and add to the charm of this picturesque destination.

On morning and evening safaris tiger, wild dogs, birds, deer, leopards, bear, and bison will be exciting finds. Birds are everywhere and we will enjoy their colorful appearances.

Bandhavgarh landscape is enchanting and we will really enjoy our excursions extraordinaire.

Safaris at Panna is amongst the truly tortured terrain. The rugged tiger land is incidentally one of the most picturesque broad-leafed forests. A tiger safari yields exciting finds and so does bird-watching efforts. Griffon Vultures visit the destination in good enough numbers.

River Ken creates a mesmerizing spectacle and is host to the marsh crocodile and gharial the prehistoric long-snouted one.  Our safaris will also result in sighting the Nilgai, chinkara antelopes and the hyena.  These are not often sighted elsewhere. Birding is an extreme pleasure in this land of Vindhya, and a lot of many species can be spotted here during safaris. We will find exciting avian during nature treks and a boat ride on River Ken. 

On excursions, we will enjoy filming and photographing tigers apart from the leopards and the sloth bear found in this reserve.

A short twenty-five kilometers drive will take us to our luxury hotel at Khajuraho Temples. The temples are housed in three complexes within the town and we will visit the popular ones. 

The magnificent monuments are spectacular used as places of worship during the ancient times. These are now simply monuments and visitors can relish the amazing architecture and glamorous erotic carvings on the outer walls of some of the Hindu temples.

We will spend the whole day visiting the astounding structures and rediscovering the ancient arts and crafts. The temples are a revelation of thoughts of the yesteryears and offer an insight into the sensual treatise that prevailed in that era.

After a long night’s sleep, we will board flight for New Delhi the next day.

We will board flight for New Delhi from the Khajuraho Airport for New Delhi on towards our journey home.

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