Bandhavgarh National Park Core Zone Is Opening 15th June – Read Guidelines


15 June 2020 is going to be Awesome Date for Bandhavgarh National Park

Due to COVID 19, lots of tour-related jobs are gone. Although everyone is surviving but the situation of the places where tourism is the only business, the condition became more critical. As the coronavirus pandemic has not been controlled completely, neither vaccine has been made nor there is no specific treatment for it, however, people became wise enough in the last 2-3 months. 

As we all have to learn to live with Coronavirus, we cannot afford to lockdown moreover. Therefore, everything is unlocking gradually considering the economy and people’s bread and butter. BTR field director Vincent Rahim organized a discussion with Gypsy Union and Guide Union and decided to open Bandhavgarh National Park Core Zone and Buffer Zone from 15th of June 2020. 

Since Lockdown 20th March 2020, all zones of Bandhavgarh were closed, now it is good news that zones are unlocking zones. 

The core zone will be open till 30th June, and the buffer zone will be opened during the rainy season too. Usually, all zones close from 30th June to 15th October, but this year the buffer zone will be opened during rain. Guidelines are given that are crucial to follow for every tourist and management strictly. 

Guidelines to enter in Jungle 

1. No admission to less than 10 years and over 65 years of people. 

2. Keep an ID Card that should be shown to the authority maintaining distance. 

3. For Gypsy, if 6 members are from the same family then they can use one Gypsy otherwise 4 people are allowed in one Gypsy. 

4. 18-Seater Canter Vehicle is not allowed. 

5. All tourists should wear masks and use sanitizer before entering. 

6. No tourist can get off the car in the Jungle.

7. No fooding facilities will be in center points. 

8. All the Gypsy must be sanitized before and after Safari by its owner. 

9. Hotels should inform to Authorities about their guests. 

10. Hotels should facilitate and conduct thermal screening before sending guests for Safari and at the entrance gate, again thermal screening will be held. 

11. All the gates where tourists come will be sensitized three times in a day. 

12. The driver and guide must follow the rules of wearing a mask, using a sanitizer, and keeping distance. 

13. Symptoms like Covid-19 in any person will not be permitted to enter the Jungle at any cost, and the information will be given to authorities. 

14. All the Gypsy should remove its seat covers. 

15. Spitting is not allowed inside the jungle. 

16. Water bottles and foods should be carried by tourists on their own, and disposable cannot be discarded in the dustbin, it should be inside the gypsy. 

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Teerathnath Singh

Teerathnath Singh

My name is Teerathnath. Since my Childhood, i am fond of Jungle Safari. I born at Bandhavgarh and being native I help tourists to explore Bandhavgarh.

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