Tiger Tours Central India

Tiger Tours Central India envisaged to offer maximum experience of tiger landscape in India the tour package is a journey through the tiger tours central India. The last leg of the tour is for an insight to the unique culture prevailing in the ancient times the Khajuraho Temples.

Tiger Heavens of India

Tiger Tours Central India envisaged to offer maximum experience of tiger landscape in India the tour package is a journey through the tiger tours central India. The last leg of the tour is for an insight to the unique culture prevailing in the ancient times the Khajuraho Temples.

Khajuraho Temples

Lost to humanity they were rediscovered by a British army officer in the eighteenth century. About twenty four temples now survive of eighty that were built. The Chandelas built these ancient marvels during the 10th Century AD for learning of the princely brigade. The destination Khajuraho is also labeled as the pleasure capital of the Chandela Dynasty.         

The temples belong to Jain and Hindu denominations. The outer walls of some Hindu temples contain erotic carvings in fascinating styles and depictions. These attract thousands of visitors from all over the World. Khajuraho also witnesses a dance festival where in celebrates and major performers gather to exhibit their talent and extol India culture.

Tiger Tours Central India

Fly early morning from New Delhi to Nagpur and then drive to Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Long journey is tiring and that calls for a rest. So we will spend time relaxing besides the pool of luxury hotels and imbibe truck loads of fresh clean air. This will do us good and evening banters and the crackling fire at the camp will be a good recreation followed by good night’s sleep.

Searching for tigers! Well nothing can be more exciting than being surprised by the big cats. And this is what Tadoba is famous for…the best sightings in the wild. Not only the big cats, we will come across many species of deer and Nilgai antelope besides the sloth bear, leopard, wild dog and the bison. Another species we will see is the marsh crocodile near the water bodies where the tigers hang around as well.     

At Tadoba birds abound and we will check list many species while on the safari. Our guides and naturalist will make sure of maximum sightings. After safaris we will spend time relaxing and devouring the best of Indian cuisine with local touch.

Mowgli and the wolf pack ran amok at this tiger reserve also known as Kipling Country. Mowgli is history but stories of Jungle Book are enacted day by day and Sher Khan thrives here. Bandar Log, Baghira and Baloo the bear all are there to greet you once you arrive. And Yes! It is here that you can see Akela the wolf in the outskirts of the National Park.

Birding around the Pench River and Totlah Doh Dam would be an exciting activity. The diversity is amazing both flora and fauna that survives and grows in this dry deciduous tropical forest.    

Pench nights are cool and a mix of cocktails delivers a punch during the campfire. Add to this some exciting tales by the naturalist. It is absolute fun followed by fine dining and then restful sleep.

Though Kanha was once part of Kipling Country, the connection is no more intact. Most of the tiger reserves in India are isolated…only a fragile link exists between Kanha and Pench. The former is larger and has a robust population of bison. 

Where will you see sloth bear rubbing his back against a tree or wild dog pack pouncing on a deer? Tigers roam every nook and corner of the park and you can see them hunting, walking and running in varied niche of the jungle.

At Kanha the jungle is always live and abuzz with activity. Life is robust and even common animals like the wild boar, Hanuman monkey or spotted deer will deliver a thrilling not whence they cite a tiger. This is the thrill and excitement at the land of predators.     

With more than 250 species birders have a field day. The reserve offers dual benefits of exciting tiger safaris combined with exciting avian finds. Three days of fun and frolic at the National Park but it is not the end yet more is to come…

The little paradise is a mega surprise it is home to tigers and ancient monuments that date back to two thousand years. Humans set foot here during the rules of the Gond Tribes and then started frequent conquests from neighboring kingdoms. You will come across man made caves, shelters, courts, Hindu temples and reservoirs and intriguing of all the zoomorphic Vishnu Ideals carved out of igneous rocks.   

Except the forest guards all human presence has been evacuated from the reserve and you on safari can have a serene journey inside the core area of the park.

Watch tigers, leopards, sloth bear and bison as they roam free without any fear of mankind. Most of the architecture now lies dilapidated but nevertheless the picturesque park offers insight into ancient history of India.

Bandhavgarh is India’s most enchanting tiger landscape. This you will experience on the safaris here. The panoramic backdrop provides an ideal setting to film and photograph tigers and the setting or rising sun adds to the maddening mélange for a dream shot.      

Situated in North of Madhya Pradesh Panna is a broad leaved forest with a picturesque and rugged terrain. It is home to the majestic tigers and diverse wildlife, flora and fauna. It is one of the best places to study raptors in Madhya Pradesh or Central India.

It is home to two popular reptilian species as well the marsh crocodile and the rare, critically endangered gharial. Ironically Panna’s diamond mines are in the vicinity. Our trip here is limited to exciting safaris and we will move to an interesting destination close by called Khajuraho.

A short drive of twenty five kilometers will take us to Khajuraho Township for sighting seeing at the temples complexes. These are 10th Century temples built by the Chandela Dynasty. The unique character of the structures is the interlocking stone architecture and erotic carvings on the outer walls of some Hindu temples.   

We will spend the day at some of the universally acclaimed interesting temples and then spend the last night on tour at one of the luxury hotels.

Fly to New Delhi for connecting flight home. 

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