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The Best Place for Tiger Photos in India

Many visitors and photographers agree Bandhavgarh is the best place in India to photograph tigers! Here is why:

Lots of Tigers:

Bandhavgarh has a healthy tiger population, making it more likely you'll see these majestic creatures.

asy to Spot:

Even with the thick forests, tigers are easier to see here because of the open areas they like

Used to People:

The tigers are accustomed to seeing jeeps, so they're less likely to hide, giving you a chance for amazing photos.

Tiger Families:

Bandhavgarh is a great place to see tiger moms with their cubs, perfect for heartwarming pictures. Bandhavgarh offers everything you need for unforgettable tiger photography Bandhavgarh Tour India!

Bandhavgarh Tiger Photography Tours

Special Safari Team:

Our team of safari drivers, guides, and nature experts has been doing this for over 20 years! They know all about the tigers and the park.

Plans Just for You:

We make a special plan just for you. If you like tigers or other animals, we can make sure you see them.

We Show You Around:

Our guides will take you around the park. They'll help you find tigers and tell you cool stuff about them.

We Know a Lot:

We've been to Bandhavgarh many times. So, we know all the best places to see tigers and take pictures

Why Choose Us for Tiger Photography in Bandhavgarh?

Overall, choosing us for tiger photography in Bandhavgarh guarantees a well-planned, immersive experience led by a team of experts who are dedicated to helping you achieve your photography goals while respecting the natural environment and its inhabitants.

Dedicated Safari Team:

Our team consists of experienced drivers, guides, and naturalists who have spent over 20 years honing their skills and understanding the terrain of Bandhavgarh. They are passionate about wildlife and committed to providing you with the best possible experience.

Tailor-Made Itinerary:

We understand that each photographer's needs and preferences are unique. That's why we offer tailor-made itineraries that can be customized to suit your specific interests, whether it's focusing on tiger photography or exploring other aspects of the wildlife and landscape.

Guided Tour:

Our guided tours ensure that you make the most of your time in Bandhavgarh. Our knowledgeable guides will not only help you locate tigers and other wildlife but also provide valuable insights into their behavior, habitat, and conservation efforts.

Ground Knowledge:

With years of experience operating in Bandhavgarh, we have acquired extensive ground knowledge about the area. This allows us to take you to the best locations for tiger sightings and photography opportunities, increasing your chances of capturing stunning images.

The Bandhavgarh Tiger Photography Safari Team:

Meet our local photography team in Bandhavgarh! With over 20 years of experience, our drivers, guides, and naturalists are experts in capturing amazing wildlife moments. They have worked with famous photographers and wildlife lovers, so you are safe for an unforgettable adventure!
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Our safari jeeps are made just for taking pictures. They have really comfy seats and lots of room to move around. You can easily take amazing pictures of animals and nature without any trouble. So, come join us and have fun snapping photos on our safari adventure!

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What to Expect on Your Bandhavgarh Photography Tour:

Get ready for your Bandhavgarh Photography Tour! Right now, the famous tigers of Bandhavgarh are roaming around Tala Magdhi and Khituli areas, and they’re even hanging out in the buffer zones of Bandhavgarh. According to the newest count, there are a whopping 165 tigers in total across all these places for the year 2024-25.

Experience the magnificence of Bandhavgarh's iconic male tigers in 2024-25. Witness the bold and beautiful kings of the jungle, with maximum sightings guaranteed. Embark on a thrilling adventure to encounter these legendary beasts up close."

In the female tiger category, the Bandhavgarh territory is adorned with the presence of remarkable individuals accompanied by cubs. Some of the cubs, in their sub-adult stage, are exploring the Bandhavgarh area in pursuit of new territories. The celebrated females include:

Additionally, in the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh, there are notable and regularly seen tigresses known for their bold demeanor:

During your Tiger Photography tour to Bandhavgarh, you'll have the thrilling opportunity to capture not only the majestic tigers but also a diverse array of other fascinating mammals that call this wilderness home. Among the incredible wildlife you might encounter are:

Tiger (Panthera tigris):

Bandhavgarh is renowned for its tiger population, providing an excellent chance to capture these majestic big cats in their natural habitat.

Leopard (Panthera pardus):

Another elusive and stunning big cat species that roams the area, offering photographers a thrilling challenge.

Bison (Gaur – Bos gaurus):

The Indian bison, or Gaur, is a massive and powerful herbivore, making for impressive wildlife photography subjects.

Sambar Deer (Rusa unicolor):

With their majestic antlers, these deer add to the beauty of Bandhavgarh’s fauna.

Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus):

Also known as the blue bull, the Nilgai is the largest antelope in Asia and a unique subject for wildlife photography.

Barking Deer (Muntiacus muntjak):

Known for their distinctive barking calls, these small deer species can be fascinating to observe and capture.

Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus):

The shaggy-coated sloth bear is an interesting subject, known for its unique appearance and behaviors.

Wild Dog (Dhole – Cuon alpinus):

The dhole is a highly social and intelligent wild dog species that can provide intriguing photography opportunities.

Hanuman Langur (Semnopithecus entellus):

These gray langurs, often found in groups, are a common sight and contribute to the overall biodiversity of the region.

Wild Boar (Sus scrofa):

A frequently encountered species, wild boars offer photographers a chance to capture their unique behavior and interactions.


These monkeys can be lively and entertaining subjects for wildlife photography.

Spotted Deer (Axis axis):

Also known as chital, spotted deer are a common and photogenic sight in Bandhavgarh.

During your Tiger Photography tour to Bandhavgarh, you'll also get the chance to take pictures of birds. Bandhavgarh is known for its variety of plants and animals, including many different types of birds. With over 250 species of birds living there, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see and photograph them while you're focusing on capturing pictures of tigers.

Paradise Flycatcher:

The long, flowing tails of the male Paradise Flycatcher make for captivating shots.

Malabar Pied Hornbill:

These large and colorful birds are iconic in the region, offering photographers a chance to capture their vibrant plumage.

Indian Pitta:

Known for their striking coloration, Indian pittas are a sought-after species for bird photographers.

Scimitar Babbler:

These elusive babblers can be challenging to spot and photograph, making them a rewarding subject.


With their vibrant colors and distinct hunting behavior, kingfishers are excellent subjects for bird photography.


Various owl species inhabit the area, providing opportunities for capturing these nocturnal birds in their natural environment.


The colorful parakeets add a lively touch to the avian diversity of Bandhavgarh.


Small, perching birds like passerines can offer diverse and interesting photography opportunities.


Birds of prey, such as eagles and hawks, contribute to the dynamic birdlife of the region.


These brightly colored birds can be visually striking and make for beautiful photographs.


Various babbler species add to the diversity of birdlife in Bandhavgarh.

Make Sure To Respect The Wildlife And Follow Ethical Bandhavgarh Photography Practices While Capturing These Incredible Moments In Bandhavgarh.
Day 01 – Arrive – Jabalpur – Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve:

Upon arrival at Jabalpur Airport, our representative will greet you and lead you to the waiting taxi. After freshening up at a luxury hotel, we will drive straight to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The journey will take approximately four hours, during which our representative guide will provide insights into the diverse landscape of India. Upon reaching the reserve, you will check-in at the chosen accommodation, gearing up for the exciting Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh experience ahead.

Day 02 – Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh:

Embark on the first full-day safari in Bandhavgarh Morning & Afternoon Safari, focusing on Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh. Explore the Tala Zone, capturing images of tigers and other wildlife amidst the captivating landscape. Notable places such as Chakradhara grassland and Rajbehra Dam, Aandhiyari Jhiriya, Damnar River, Banbai region, Ghodadaman. Khidki, Ganesh Pahadi, Sidh Baba, these are the places where Tiger move around mostly 2024-25.

Day 03 – Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh:

Continue the Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh adventure in the Tala Zone. Begin early in the morning for optimal tiger sightings and capture moments of these majestic creatures. With guidance from the naturalist guide, explore different areas like Mirchni, Sheshiya Lord Vishu status, Barua Nala, Bhitri Area, Sita Mandap, Rampur Pahadi, for varied photography opportunities.

Day 04 – Bandhavgarh Tiger Photography:

Head to the Magdhi Zone for another day of intense Bandhavgarh Tiger Photography. Capture images of tigers and explore the scenic landscapes, including places like Mahaman Dam, Dabhadol Meadow and Sehra Dadra, Sukha Dam.

Day 05 – Bandhavgarh Tiger Photography:

Further explore the Magdhi Zone and Khituli zone for Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh. Utilize different jungle roads to discover diverse wildlife sightings. Take in the beauty of the surroundings while capturing images of tigers and other animals.

Day 06 – Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh:

Experience a full-day safari in the Khitauli Zone, focusing on Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh. Capture images of tigers amidst the enchanting Umrar rivulet and explore places like Chakri Dongri and Dhamdha, Nigaha Nala, Dharaha area, for unique photography opportunities.

Day 07 – Bandhavgarh National Park to Jabalpur Airport:

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast before departing from Bandhavgarh National Park to Jabalpur Airport. Reflect on the successful Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh expedition, carrying unforgettable memories and captivating images captured throughout the journey.

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Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh

Situated in remote Central India in the Vindhyan Hills Bandhavgarh is a paradise. It is a paradise for the tiger and wildlife photography who come here with great hope and do not go back disappointed. The whole ecosystem thrives with life and if your pick is only tigers you have plenty of them. For those who wish to fetch a wider array of mammals and birds under the scope of their, lens Bandhavgarh is the place for Tiger Photography.

The dense forest canopy and swampy grasslands with hills and valleys in the background offer ideal habitat mix up with the main subject. Yes, you get the best in composition and robust light for the best image to the surface. Pristine Bandhavgarh is a National Park as well as a tiger reserve under the Project Tiger Program a Government of India initiative.

Bandhavgarh is Best Place for Tiger Photography In India

Bandhavgarh is the best place for tigers and hence photography. This has been time tested by a lot of erstwhile visitors and among loads of cameramen. Due to a robust population of the big cats and econiches that support them, visibility is very high in spite of the dense canopy. The big cats are not at all shy here and are used to the jeeps with tourists enabling capture of moments which would otherwise be not possible in case of shy and elusive animals. The reserve is a successful breeding ground hence you can photograph tiger families in different settings. What more do you wish for?

Mammals & Birds Photography

Bandhavgarh is an impressive hub of diverse flora and fauna elements in India. It is home to 22 Central India mammalian species and more than two hundred and fifty avian species. Among major mammals tiger, leopard, bison, sambar deer, Nilgai, barking deer, sloth bear, wild dog, and the ubiquitous Hanuman or gray langur. Wild boar, macaque and spotted deer are a common sight.

Among the birds paradise flycatcher, Malabar pied hornbill, Indian pitta, scimitar babbler, kingfishers, owls, parakeets, passerines, raptors, minivets, babblers are the much sought after species.

Expert Local Support

Our guides are trained with years of experience they understand the habitat very well. They are experts in trekking tigers and other big games. They understand the animal movements well and can lead you to the right place at the right time. Their knowledge of the habitat and behavior of the animals will help position the jeep at the right spot. This is important and elusive and shy animals may not accord a long time for delayed action.

Our guides are well mannered cultured and have a friendly way with guests from all over the World. Being local they can converse well with everyone and make you comfortable in an exotic environment.

Full-Day Safaris for Tiger Photography

At Bandhavgarh, Full Day Safaris are available, especially for the wildlife photographers. This offers an ideal opportunity to shoot in different light conditions. Another benefit is the length of time allows guides and experts to quickly surmise the movement of the tigers and reach there inappropriate time without having to leave the reserve during the interval.

If you have a permit for a full day safari you are not restricted to any particular tourism zone hence you can search all the zones. You also get entry half an hour early before other jeeps make a beeline for the reserve and in the late hours whence it is time for tourist jeeps to come out you get an extra half an hour. The first few minutes of entry and the late-exit counts, especially for tigers.

Online Safari Bookings

The entry into the reserve is limited and is divided into different zones. Hence it is advisable to book the permit well in advance in order to make an entry in places of your choice. This will also assure you that you will not sit empty-handed lacking a proper permit. We are there to assist you in bookings but you should be well in time to contact us.

Online bookings are also available at MP Online website in case you wish to book yourself.


We provide accommodation in the best of the lodges that follow responsible tourism guidelines. The choice provided is between high-end luxury and high-end star hotels and resorts. Usually, we organize to stay in trusted lodges which have proven right in the due course of time. In case you wish for some other lodge as per your preference we will organize your stay there. Food preferences, room choice, and any other nitty-gritty will be taken care.

Day 01 – Arrive – Jabalpur – Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Our representative will be there at the airport and lead you to the waiting taxi. After freshening up at a luxury hotel we will drive straight to Bandhavgarh National Park. It is a four-hour drive and our representative guide will offer an interpretation of the mind-boggling country that is India, upon reaching the reserve you will check-in at the chosen accommodation.

Day 02 – Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh

The first full day safari in Bandhavgarh begins today this will be an introduction to the park. The search for tigers begins as well. The enchanting paradise is a composition of steep cliffs, rivulets, swampy grasslands, and dense forests. We will enter the folds of Charanganga a rivulet that on the passage out creates swampy grasslands which is where we will meet our first tiger. The search is on and our photography session begins. The guide is all eyes and ears as he notices telltale signs of the big beast. As the day proceeds, we have enough to track down the predator. The whole day is spent photographing the big cats as an when we encounter them. Birds and animals abound and this is the first introduction to the ancient relics of erstwhile civilizations that flourished here. A day is well spent in the Tala Zone.

Some of the interesting places here are the Chakradhara grassland, Siddha Baba Lingam, Badi Gufa, Sesh Shaiyya or reclining Vishnu Idol near the brook, Badi Gufa (Cave) and the sight of Bandhavgarh Fort.

Day 03 – Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh

This day we will explore Tala again search begins immediately in order to unearth more felines. The day begins much early at predawn whence we are more likely to be surprised by a big cat. A refreshing breakfast follows and then the search continues.

Photographing felines occupies most of the time. A brief interval for lunch takes place at a designated place usually called the center. After the repast, we move on as per the instruction of the naturalist guide we will discover more tigers. He has all the telltale signs in his mind and guides accordingly.

We will see many tigers that frequent Tala Zone and will also capture lovely images of their families with small cubs which are always an extreme delight for the lens men. The day ends with a joyful note after a successful day at Bandhavgarh.

Day 04 – Bandhavgarh Photography

Albeit the routine is the same exploring new zones at Bandhavgarh offers sighting of different felines as well as many birds and mammals. Today we will be photographing tigers of Magdhi Zone. This zone comprises of many water bodies and extensive grasslands and is famous for sightings of families of big cats.

Much preferred by lens men for its enchanting landscape Magdhi like Tala is much on the cards of professionals and amateur holidaymakers alike. Sightings are frequent and the opportunity to film and photograph the big cats is ample.

Our expert guide sees to it that we get the finest moments to capture lucid images of the tiger. The whole day is spent on photographing the animal in focus. We will also come across the wild dog, sloth bear and the bison. Common animals are all around the lens men can pick the lovely avian as well as their subject.

Day 05 – Bandhavgarh Wildlife Photography

Magdhi is a few km from Tala Gate where we fulfill all the entry formalities. It was made famous by a tigress with cubs. The zone equals Tala Zone and offers the best for capturing images of big cats. Although we are in the same zone as yesterday we will be exploring different jungle roads for econiches harboring tigers and other animals and birds. While on a photography tour the professionals must enjoy the serene and enchanting landscapes which are part of the whole expedition. A holistic experience is what we are looking for.

Interesting places of Magdhi Zone are the Rajbohera Meadow, Sehra Dadra, Patiha Camp, Badbada grassland and Dhuauha Tower.

Day 06 – Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh 

Another place to experience full-day safari today is the Khitauli Zone. The beautiful Umrar rivulet twists and turns through the dense forests creating an enchanting spectacle. Tigers here are shyer but offer ample opportunity to photograph them. They have been seen to be more aggressive hence offer greater expressions and postures.

While capturing images of big cats with assistance from the naturalist guide we also keep an eye on other mammals and avian species. A photographic expedition is incomplete without it being holistic. By this time we have captured images of tigers that we always yearned for. More the merrier hence the efforts continue.

Interesting places are Chakri Dongri, Nigahi Nala (stream), Marjadgarh Tower, mammal rich Tadak Munara meadow.

Day 07 – Bandhavgarh National Park to Jabalpur Airport

Early morning we will have sumptuous breakfast then leave for Jabalpur to catch the flight onwards this the photographic mission will be a successful one with many scintillating images captured at the right moments. Well besides memories that you carry of Bandhavgarh National Park will last forever.

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