Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari, India

Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari India Everyone has a story to tell. Experience the thrill of encountering wild animals up close, as we guide you through the mesmerizing tales of life in the villages, where humans coexist harmoniously with nature’s fiercest inhabitants – Tigers!

Let’s listen to the extraordinary stories of the villagers, their heartwarming encounters, and their fascinating way of life amidst the untamed wilderness. Moments that can move you to tears and ignite joyous laughter await you.

Join us on the exciting Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari; the MP Tiger Safari Company organises wildlife tours of India and bird-watching trips in the heart of India in Madhya Pradesh. Central Indian tiger reserves teem with Bengal Tigers, magnificent wildlife and birds. These pristine forests are the finest example of diversity.

We are an organization with a large team of experts who are veteran in conducting package tours in India. The company offers package tours to Bandhavgarh, India, providing the best Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari experience in one of India’s prime destinations. We organize wild expeditions to most popular National Parks in the State of Madhya Pradesh and India. Our prime focus is on wildlife safari India and Tiger Tours in India and Tiger Safari India Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench, Satpura and Panna & Tiger Tours Ranthambore these are renowned destinations for watching tigers in the India.

We organize tiger safari in Bandhavgarh as well as in all other reserves in India. We arrange for safari permits hire jeeps and engage naturalists from our team. We also organize birding trips as well as conduct special for tiger photography tours, tiger tours India, Tiger Safari India.

We organize trips for sightseeing especially to Khajuraho temples and Pachmarhi Hill Station in MP. We are booking agents for finest luxury hotels in tiger reserves. Contact us for wildlife package tours, hotel booking and car rentals in MP.

We are based in Tala at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. As a company our team has wide scale experience of tourism in Madhya Pradesh. Hence we are able to deliver quality driven service. Our knowledge base which comprises of best naturalist and managers offers a unique experience in the jungles of India.

We look forward to meet you and be of service to you. Welcome to Madhya Pradesh. By joining hands with us, you will have made a responsible travel choice. We offer travel packages tours on site as well arrange customized or tailor made trips as per your choice of destinations and hotel accommodations in the preserves.

MP Tiger Safari follows the guidelines of responsible tourism and is active in conservation of tigers in the state. MP Tiger Safari believes in supporting and benefitting locals’ communities and provides assistance to local educations centers. MP Tiger Safari promotes arts and crafts as a means of raising livelihood of the locals. The school is run by the financial support of the company. This also results in better understanding of their environments, Tiger, animals and the ecosystem as whole.

We assist film makers and researchers in availing special permissions from the MOEF and PCCF in MP. This is required since permission have to be taken to access non tourism areas, enter parks on foot to set up camera and for night filming and more.

Our services also include providing complete travel assistance. We book the best hotels and resorts, luxury tents and cottages for accommodation in the safari parks Bandhavgarh and all over Central India we also orgnize.

We also offer car rental and taxi hire services to our clients. You can avail the best vehicles and luxury buses for your journey to the wildlife Reserves in India and other holiday destinations Central India Tiger Tours.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Bandhavgarh National Park opens on October 1 and closes from July 1 to September 30 during monsoons. It also closes on national holidays like Diwali and Holi. Consider these days before making a plan. The safaris are also closed in Wednesday afternoons. Buffer zones like Johila, Panpatha, and Dhamokhar open all the year round.

As discussed above, Bandhavgarh National Park opens from October to June. But the chances of tiger sightings are high in summer, i.e. from March to June. March to May is the best time for tiger photography in Bandhavgarh.

Safari timings vary from sunrise to sunset during summer and winter seasons. Morning safari usually starts at sunrise till 5 hours and evening safari starts around 3PM till sunset.

You can access Wi-Fi in some spaces in resorts like guest lounge or dining room. Some lodges even offer internet dongle to the guests in their rooms. Internet is free in most lodges. You may not get very fast speed but you can check your emails and manage your office work easily.

Yes, there are plenty of standard resorts offering these facilities. You may give the laundry before safari and get back when you return by the evening.
Morning starts to get chilly by early November and winter sets in fully in December. By the third week of December, morning temperature drops to around 5 degrees Celsius and maximum temperature reaches around 23 degree Celsius. Winter lasts till the mid of February. Days get warmer from early March and mercury reaches around 40 degree Celsius by the end of March. Day temperature touches around 44 degree Celsius in May.
It is up to the lodge you are staying in and distance to Tala village, which is around half a km from Tala safari gate. Khitauli and Magadhi gates are 7km away from Tala village.
There are few lodges which provide this facility. You should check before booking.
You have 120 days to book the safari permits online before the date of safari. There are few permits because of limited capacity. It is recommended to book your safari around 5 months before so you can have plenty of time to book permits. Visit the official website of MP forest department to book permits online.

Join our group tours - group lead by the international wildlife photographer

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Tiger sightings and exploration of Bandhavgarh National Park.

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Join our group tours - group lead by the international wildlife photographer

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