Weather & Climate in Bandhavgarh

At BTR winters are extremely cold but it does not snow. The best weather is encountered from Mid Jan to Mid March where it is mildly warm and sunny. But even during this period it can get very cold so warm clothing is a must till beginning of April. Even in summer months pre dawn can be chilly so always carry a sweater as precaution. Winters are ideal for birding in the park core zone and confines.The temperature touches the high of around 42°C.

Summer begins in April and continues till July.The hot summers months are excellent for wildlife photography and animal sightings. The shortage of water elsewhere forces animals to congregate near remaining water holes hence you can look forward to sighting tigers and leopards on your summer trip. The park is closed during the monsoon season June 31st till 15th October.

Weather and Climate In Bandhavgarh  National Park

October to December-20°C to 30°C
December to February-         02°C to 20°C
February to April-20°C to 30°C
April to June-35°C to 46°C
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