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Kanha National Park is a conservation unit but in twenty percent of the core area tourism is permitted. Kanha Online Safari, Kanha Safari Booking tourism or tiger safari is subject to rules and regulation and in order to enter the park a permit issued by the forest department of Kanha is required. The rules and regulations are subject to guidelines set by the Field Director and NTCA a Central Government Organization.  

The tourism conducted in Kanha is organized in four zones in the core and three zones in the buffer. Tourism in the core is in the critical tiger habitat hence preferred. One can book a online safari at Kanha.

The Kanha online booking option is available in the citizen services section. While booking using this website one can choose the zone if available and pay right then and there to buy the permit instantly.

Core Zone and Buffer zone excursions can be booked at the safari gate or online as desired and if available.

Core zones divided into 4 zones

  • Mukki Zone
  • Kanha Zone
  • Kisli Zone
  • Sarhi Zone

Buffer zones divided into 3 zones

  • Sarhi Buffer
  • Khatiya Buffer
  • Khapa Zone

The permit safari booking Kanha for these zones can be booked online at MP Online Portal a State Government Website in advance 120 days before travel.

Safaris are organized in the morning and then in the evening and separate charges are applicable. The timing in the morning is at the break of light post-dawn till eleven-thirty and around three in noon till sunset. In summer the evening safari begins at four afternoons. one can see timing at online safari Kanha tickets.

Park remains open from 01st October to till 30th of June – Jungle closed every Wednesday afternoon – Jungle safari will be also close Holi Festival and Diwali Festival. 

While booking photo ID or passport details are required to be filled in. These are permanent and not subject to change. The addition of other participants is possible only after a week of booking and payment of Rs.1500 has to be made in addition to permit fee already paid. These charges are subject to change.

Usually, the safari permit charge is Rs. 1550 plus the guide charge of Rs.600. The jeep hire charge is Rs.2500/. The Canter charge is Rs.500. But these rates are subject to change now and then.

Core zone Safari Charges

Indians and Foreigners – 600/-

Buffer zone Safari Charges

Indians and Foreigners – 5500/-

Single Seats and Canter Safari Charges

Sharing Permit Charges – 1500/- Per Person – Indian or Foreigners.

Canter Safari Charges – 1200/- Per Person – Indian or Foreigners. 

Booking can be made for Single seats where the rest of the five seats could be shared and the cost-shared. At Kanha, full jeep safari where you book the jeep for yourself and family is most preferred. In this case, you have to pay the jeep hire charge and the permit charge.

An option for full-day safari is also available wherein you enter half an hour early exit half an hour late.  This is a costly option and preferred by wildlife photographers and filmmakers. 

Canter Safari at Kanha

Excursions can also be enjoyed on a twelve seats Canter the booking has to be made at the respective gates at the time of arrival.

Entry Gates at Kanha National Park

  • Khatiya Gate
  • Sarhi Gate
  • Mukki Gate 

The safaris can be booked through agents of the hotel you are staying at. Best is to book Kanha jungle safari online at MP Online Website in advance. This will assure you of entry into the park and excursions in the preferred zone. 

Permits are not available through touts and blackmailers hence buy online or with help of booking agent with MP Online facility. Excursion passes are also available at gates but they are subject to availability.

Night Safari is also available at the Gates but only three jeeps are allowed to enter the buffer zones.

A jungle or nature trail which covers an area of four kilometers is also available for those interested in nature walk with a guide.

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