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Wild Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh

Tour Highlights

– India’s top best tiger photography destinations and other wildlife photography

Tadoba-Bandhavgarh- Kanha – Ranthambore are India’s top tiger reserves most frequented by wildlife photographer. The reserves abound in big cats and hence provide the best opportunity to film and photograph them in their natural habitat. The reserves are well managed with sound tourism infrastructure. High sightings enable photographers all around the globe to indulge in and capture the finest moments and portraits of the big cat.  

There are plenty of options to enhance your safari; one is the standard morning and evening rounds and other though costly offers full-day safaris in the parks. Assisted by trained naturalists and guides the task becomes easier and fruitful. For successful expedition choose this tour which is all-inclusive hence do away with hassles of making travel arrangements and running for choice accommodations. 

The reserves have an amazing biodiversity profile, and besides the big cats, there are other enchanting mammals, reptiles and birds. For more enthusiastic lens men nocturnal species can be added to their albums. For many subjects, different types of equipment which is usually the professional’s accompaniments are required. For mammals, short lenses will do in these forests while longer lenses will work effectively for birds. A good flash is also a must but please take prior permission to use inside the core areas. 

The best season for Tiger photography India is throughout the season albeit tiger sighting is somewhat higher in summers. But depending upon how to approach the art one season could be better than others. For ideal habitat and forests greenery winters excel. The weather conditions are more permissible albeit light may be limited. But then winter light has its own aura and charm which a professional can best understand.

Thus professional lens men would prefer to approach their subjects in different seasons. But this is not possible for all due to financial limitations hence for portraits summers are best and for pictures with varied habitats winter is ideal. An advantage in winters is the new shining coat and robust health of animals.  The green canopy is absolutely enchanting and provides ideal background for capturing scintillating images.

The park rules and regulations prohibit many activities and you are confined to your jeep.  Hence special permission is required in order to access various areas of the park and install cameras etc. But these privileges are costly and are useful only to photographers and professional filmmakers. In case of photographers excursions on jeep safaris does the job well. Hence no need for requesting privileges from the MOEF and PCCF Madhya Pradesh.

It does cost more for full day safari but it is worth it. The privileges granted are early entry and late-exit, no restriction of movement within a specific zone. You move around anywhere within the tourism zone. Rests of the rules regarding regular excursions apply.

Full day safari is advantageous to wildlife photographers as extra time makes a major difference. It is possible to rack tigers from predawn to late evening usually a difference of half an hour from regular safari.  Better tracking of big cats takes place and the guides can focus better to gauge the final movements and zero in.  

Experience counts and so does the skill set. Our guides have these qualities and much-desired communication skills. They have keen sensory apparatus and know the forests upside down. They have a keen understanding of flora and fauna and all that matters. Understanding the behavior and movements of tigers enables the guides to track them and offer the opportunity for the photographers to photograph them. They have an understanding of the art of photography and can assist you in the field. They are well versed in local lingo and adapted to the environment they will strive hard to make the expedition a resounding success.

MP safari team is a group of individuals with skills and experience and can be of immense help in travel apart from tracking tigers.  Being involved with the trade adds to their understanding of all related matters to make your journey in the wilds comfortable and safe.

Tiger photography tours Indian best national park not only Tigers also for other wildlife photography opportunity Tadoba-Bandhavgarh- Kanha – Ranthambore

Day: – 01 Jabalpur – Bandhavgarh National Park

When you arrive at Jabalpur airport a smiling face awaits you the representative will lead you to the taxi after a warm welcome. The drive to Bandhavgarh is through an enchanting countryside through green fields, quaint hamlets and picturesque landscape that is rural India. We reach at the Resort during the lunchtime we check in at the luxury resort freshen up and proceed for lunch relax a bit and the leave for evening tiger safari in the company of the guide. The introduction of the park is amazing as we roll down the hills and valleys and stop at the swampy grassland to find wild animals and birds. Our focus is on the tigers and you will be able to see the magnificent predators a resounding start of the photographic expedition in Central Indian tiger reserve.

Day 02:- Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh

Excitement and intrigue are part of your journey wild animals, trees, swampy grasslands and enchanting rivulet a world you have never experienced before. Our expert guide is worth observing as he tracks the big cats and places the jeep in a position that enables you the satisfying click.  Bandhavgarh is home to many mammals like the leopard, sloth bear, wild dog and the bison besides many common animals. You will also get the opportunity to capture images of wonderful birds that abound. We will leave no stone unturned the expedition to be a big success. During the morning period, we will have breakfast and then lunch at a designated place inside the reserve. The evenings will be spent rejoicing the day’s success in the resort confines.    

Day 03:- Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

More to come this day, perhaps a tigress with cubs in Magadhi Zone, since we can cover the whole of Bandhavgarh tourism zone, the guide or naturalist will plan the movements.  It is said the tiger sees more of us and much before than we do. This does not hold true as far as the naturalist guide is concerned. He will unearth camouflaged tigers, hidden birds and majestic deer for you to capture in your camera. By now you have started clicking the big cats and other animals that you found worthy of a catch. The whole day will be spent searching for tigers in different areas and circumstances. You should carry back images of different tigers in a different place and in startling compositions.

Day 04:- Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

It is not a simple search for the big cat the guide knows that a lens man needs images with a difference. So he is keeping an eye of telltale tracks of families, hunting tigers and them in repose. That is how a photographic safari should not board cutout images. The jungle is alive and so there will be action you just have to be there at the right time. Bandhavgarh National Park is not just a remote jungle it contains history dating back to two thousand years. And we will enjoy looking at ancient ruins, stables, manmade caves and temples during the safaris.       

Day 05:- Bandhavgarh to Kanha National Park

After breakfast, we drive down to Kanha National Park about five hours journey. We arrive at Kanha ready for the evening safari. The land of the tiger is home to charismatic swamp deer the hard ground species which a photographers delight. The safari is a good introduction to another Central Indian tiger reserve. It is home to more than a hundred big cats and you will relish capturing images in the picturesque landscape that is Kanha. Rolling Meadows, dense bamboo, Sal forests, and snaking rivers. The big cats are less shy and come out in the open for you to take pictures. Here to cubs with mothers can be found out for this is an excellent breeding grounds and hope their survival is intense. As the evening draws closer chances of sighting the predators become more plausible. Leave to our naturalist guide to get some excellent pictures.   

Day 06:- Kanha Wildlife Photography

Kanha habitat is unique the mountains are flat-topped and extensive when seen in the backdrop. These are known as dadars, we will ascend them in open jeeps and then climb down to the plain grasslands. The panorama is breathtaking and accord enchanting habitat to film and photograph the big cat. This land too abounds in other mammals and unique birdlife. The reptiles are shy but you come across the python and cobra the latter lives in the mythological world but you will experience the real. Leopard, sloth bear and wild dogs entertain as well fill your bag full of images. This is an excellent place to see the huge Indian bison or the gaur. Deer, langurs, and peacock tell the story of survival in this jungle. 

Day 07:- Wildlife Photography Kanha

Kanha is divided into four tourism zones. Sarhi is most beautiful but tigers here are shy and elusive. We will concentrate on landscape photography here, and if we chance upon a tiger nothing like it. To observe shy tigers is an extreme delight their behavior is aggressive towards the tourists and they are apprehensive. They provide a real thrill whence encountered and offer a test for the photographer’s skill. Other zones offer good sightings and these are the places we will target the beast. Kanha Zone is a breeding center where we will come across tigress with cubs. 

Silence is the key to success as we move around cautiously reading the tracks and listening to the sounds. We close on the big cats and begin photographing them. Sometimes it’s a quick job while the beast can stay around for quite some times for you to click many poses, in fact as many as you wish for. As usual lunch and breakfast are in the park while we end the safari and reach the resort for some high tea followed by sundowners and dinner.

Day 08:- Kanha Wildlife Photography

The niche habitats comprising of swamps, vegetations, waterholes, assemblages of rock all offer ideal composition with a tiger or other animals in the center. The habitat choices are stunning and photographers yearn to sight animals in ideal surroundings. The light is extensive in summers while less in winters but the differing intensity of light creates its own aura which the lens men should be able to utilize.    

We continue building our albums on tigers and Indian wildlife on these guided safaris in Kanha National Park. The effort is to capture whatever we have missed so far and our specialist guide is of immense help.

Day 09:- Kanha National Park to Tadoba Tiger Reserve

As we leave for Tadoba via Nagpur you notice the ever-changing landscapes through agrarian

Economy showcase is green fields they differ due to the patterns shaped by the crops. You will

Also, notice the changing garbs and the language this is diverse India.   

Day 10:- Tiger Photography Tadoba

Tadoba is situated in Maharashtra State near Chandrapur town. The habitat is vastly different because of the decreasing moisture level. It is a dry deciduous forest unlike the moist Sal tree forests of Kanha and Bandhavgarh. But the mammalian life is as vibrant and you can click images of Nilgai antelope and crocodiles here.  

Tiger sighting is very good here and you see them nearly on all safaris. Males and females with cubs are seen often for you compose and click. The guides know the places that offer the best sightings. You have the option to choose many animals and birds besides the big cats. Moving across different zones offers varied landscapes for you to accomplish the shoot with the camera.   

Day 11: Wildlife Photography Tadoba

Tadoba are an amalgamation of two forests and a river hence the name Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. The unique diverse habitat has always been full of tigers and was a hunting block before 1972. The big cats thrive now and offer us ample opportunities to film and photograph them. Our guides make a difference and explore the vast ecosystem in order to come across new tigers rather ten shooting same faces again and again.

We will also capture images of other mammals like a leopard, dhole, sloth bear, bison and the ubiquitous deer and the antelopes. Langurs entice by their innocence and their antics while wild boars can be seen often. A photographic expedition at Tadoba should never be missed so join our expert team in explorations in India.       

Day 12:- Tadoba National Park to Ranthambore

After driving to Nagpur we will catch a flight to New Delhi and then drive to Sawai Madhopur via Jaipur in Rajasthan State of India. Tiring but it is worth the efforts as Ranthambhore beckons. Much more commercial than the others Ranthambhore is a completely dry deciduous forest mixed with grass and scrub. The main attraction of Ranthambhore is the tiger but you can also film and photograph marsh crocodiles, Nilgai and sambar deer with ease. Birds abound such that they will become interesting part of your albums.       

Day 13:- Tiger Photography Ranthambore

Like Bandhavgarh Ranthambore finds a place in the history of Rajputs the valiant people Rajasthan. The old fort and ancient temples are a part of your expeditions. Get a shot of the predator with the ancient fort in the background. A unique feature of this park is the manmade and natural reservoirs where the tigers hold their ground. You can film and photograph them on the hunt in the waters as they have developed these skills in a period of time. The big cats specialize in hunting deer in these waterholes and compete with the crocodile to save their prey. What more can you wish for in this fantastic photographic tour? Marwari cuisine is another enticing feature of the destination which you will enjoy. Colorful people and culture in this desert land extol India’s diversity. 

Day 14:- Ranthambore National Park to New Delhi

After the morning safari we will take the same route back to New Delhi for the flight back home. After a successful photographic expedition for tigers, memories will be preserved in your images.   Adios

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