Most Common Mistakes made by Tourist who Visits wilds of Madhya Pradesh for the first time

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Most Common Mistakes made by Tourists who Visits wilds of Madhya Pradesh for the first time. The state of Madhya Pradesh houses over 25 wildlife sanctuaries and 9 national parks stretched over 10,862 sq. km. You can explore various biogeographical zones in a huge network of protected zones. The state government has taken massive efforts to protect the endangered species.

Millions of people flock to the beautiful national parks in Madhya Pradesh, excited to see something they may have never seen before and something they may never see again. It might be your first time to witness the grandeur of Kanha National Park or the charm of Bandhavgarh National Park. If you want to make the most of your trip, you should learn to avoid a few mistakes.

If you want to do more, see more, and feel more on your first visit to the national park, we have listed a few common mistakes you should avoid. Visiting a national park is completely a different experience that you can’t resist and stop talking about for several years in life.

Mistake #1 – Not Booking Safari and Permit

I know many people book flights, hotels, taxi, and train tickets in advance. Well, it’s not your usual day trip to a new city. Many national parks have restrictions to allow only a limited number of vehicles per day to control crowds. So, it is highly recommended to book safari at least 120 days before. Your planning will go wasted if you don’t get the safari tickets when you need them the most. Ask your agent about the safari booking first. Once it is done, book your train or flight tickets, taxi, and hotels accordingly.

Mistake #2 – Throwing Garbage Here and There

I know it’s common sense. As tour operators, we have seen many tourists littering the jungles with empty water bottles and snacks packets. Keep in mind that these are wildlife heritages and us humans can’t do that here. It’s not just about animals, but also about our environment. So, it is advised to keep the garbage like metal foils, plastic bottles, cans and other non-biodegradable litter on your bag and throw it on the dustbin when leaving the park.

Mistake#3 – Being Disappointed

Many tourists visit national parks all the way from different parts of the world specially to witness the Royal Bengal Tigers. Well, there are several amazing creatures you may have missed just to see the tigers. Focus on collecting memories. Remember, it’s not a zoo. You cannot see wildlife roaming around in the park. See the breathtaking scenery also.

Mistake #4 – Feeding the wildlife

They are not your pets. They are wild animals who get more than enough to eat in the jungles. Consider the wilderness as their home and you are just visitors. So, they must have the first priority. Respect them and their privacy and keep a safe distance. You never know how these animals would react when a human gets closer to them. So, follow the rules of the national park.

Mistake #5 – Viewing the Park just from camera angles

Of course, pictures speak thousands of words. But you might be missing out on the true experience a national park can offer if you are too busy to capture each and every shot. You never know what you will miss on your peripheral vision while focusing your shot only on some beautiful flowers and a bird bathing on the pond. Of course, photos serve as memories for years. But don’t forget to use your own eyes to get the photogenic views.

Mistake #6 – Waking up late

Vacation is all about taking plenty of rest. After all, who doesn’t love some more zzz’s? I must tell you it’s not a good idea on a trip, especially if you are in a national park. Morning hours are very crucial to spot wildlife, visit the best zones without any crowd, and reach from one zone to another easily. Admit it – hundreds of people visit national parks every day. The crowd is even bigger in the summer months. The parks become very crowded. So, you should wake up early in the morning to start your day before anyone does to find some peace and great experiences.

Mistake #7 – Not disconnecting with Social Media

Social media is life, but only when you are at home. Take a few days off the technology and distract yourself from the selfish world to experience something new. You took a few days off from your office and spent a whole lot of money just for this experience. If you keep talking to others and being desperate for a few likes even at this time, you will be missing a lot in your life.

Of course, we all love our phones, but it’s not your regular trip. You can’t just connect to a milestone phase in your life if you experience the wilderness from behind your small screen. Everyone needs a bit of less worries, stress, and hustles. When was the last time you heard the chirping of birds, soaked in the mist, and witnessed the veins of the leaf? It’s the right time to enjoy every moment and slow down. Trust me, our Facebook friends don’t give a damn about our whereabouts. Take your time to turn off the distractions. You will feel proud that you did it.

Mistake #8 – Not Preparing in Advance

You must be prepared for every unwanted surprise you may get on your trip. So, you can enjoy the experience without worries and turn unexpected events into memories. Especially if you are visiting a national park, you must be ready for everything. You will be spending most of the time outside. You never know what is going to happen. Sometimes, the weather is not ideal. It may be blistering heat, thunderstorms, or even occasional rainfall in summer that may distract you.

You may wake up early morning to enjoy the whole day yourself but you have to start your day in the pouring rain. Of course, you have never wanted these things on your trip. But preparation is the key to having a nice trip. Always carry rain gear, water, snacks, sunscreen, first aid kit, and emergency blanket on your backpack.

Be prepared when things change suddenly. It also ensures peace of mind which will help you to get the most of your safari. Feel the unpredictable nature to add to a rewarding experience.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the common mistakes most tourists make for the first time; you must be fully prepared to have a great vacation in a national park. We wish you a great time, do more, see more and get some memories back to your home.

2 thoughts on “Most Common Mistakes made by Tourist who Visits wilds of Madhya Pradesh for the first time”

  1. I need to say that I be seen some parts n it was a great experience but
    A number 2 was more off a problem for our guide in one off the parks than for us
    The guy just threw away his package from his lunch drink (lucky our driver saw it n told him to pick it up
    No 2 we had the bad luck in our last park that the guide was rattling his nose witch was horrible to hear for every few secs

  2. Now a days people has made the visit to national park not to do wildlifing but to enjoy a outing in the national park with food and drinks (soft) as if they have come to enjoy a picnic. The result is very simple – silence could have helped photographers and wild lifers to spot some special moments which gets barred and spoiled due some people like this who visits for howling and enjoyment.
    My request to you is to stop this sort of visitors for the benefit of real visitors who spends hours and days to capture a exclusive moment. Nobody feels the pain and the hardship behind that single capture of the moment.

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