Tigers of Kanha National Park You Should Explore In 2023-24

Tigers of Kanha You Should Explore In 2023-24

Why You Should Explore Kanha National Park In 2023-24

Tigers of Kanha embark on a wild adventure in Kanha National Park, 2023-24. With 90+ tigers, including the buffer zone, it’s a tiger lover’s dream. Diverse landscapes set the stage for captivating photography – powerful tigers in lush forests, serene meadows, and tranquil waters. Beyond tigers, meet leopards, wild dogs, gaur, and 300+ bird species – a nature enthusiast’s paradise. Thrilling encounters unfold during peaceful safaris with limited visitors, respecting the wildlife’s space.

  • Thrilling Tiger Encounters: Kanha is one of the best places in India to witness Bengal tigers in their natural habitat. The park’s various zones, such as Mukki, Kanha, Kisli, and Sarhi, offer excellent opportunities to encounter these majestic big cats. Whether it’s observing a mother tiger caring for her playful cubs or witnessing a powerful male marking his territory, the thrill of tiger sightings in Kanha is unparalleled.
  • Diverse Landscapes: Each zone in Kanha National Park boasts unique landscapes, ranging from dense forests and grassy meadows to serene lakes and picturesque streams. The variety of environments provides the perfect backdrop for capturing stunning wildlife and nature photography, ensuring every frame is a work of art.
  • Rich Wildlife Diversity: Beyond tigers, Kanha is home to a diverse array of wildlife. From the elegant barasingha (swamp deer) to elusive leopards, from playful wild dogs to majestic gaur (Indian bison), the park offers a chance to witness and photograph a wide range of animal species in their natural habitat.
  • Captivating Birdlife: Kanha is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 300 species of birds recorded in the park. The colorful plumage and melodious calls of various bird species make birdwatching and bird photography a delightful experience.
  • Secluded and Peaceful Safari Experience: Kanha National Park is carefully managed to limit the number of visitors in each zone, ensuring a more intimate and peaceful safari experience. This allows for better wildlife sightings, fewer disturbances, and an opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level.
  • Photography Opportunities: Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, Kanha offers endless opportunities for wildlife and landscape photography. The striking play of light and shadows, the rich colors of the forest, and the raw emotions captured in the wild provide an inspiring canvas for photographers.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Kanha’s enchanting beauty, thrilling wildlife encounters, and serene landscapes leave visitors with cherished memories that last a lifetime. The experience of being in the presence of untamed nature and witnessing the harmony of the jungle is a humbling and unforgettable journey.

Kanha National Park, renowned for its thriving tiger population, presents a captivating opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers to witness these majestic big cats in their natural habitat. The park is divided into different zones, each home to a diverse array of tigers, creating a tapestry of tiger tales. Here are the notable tigers and their details in the various zones of Kanha National Park.

Mukki Zone: The Mukki Zone is known for its dense forests, picturesque meadows, and thriving tiger population. It offers excellent opportunities for tiger photography, with notable tigers like Nilla Nala Male T121, Patta Male, and Sarmile Tigeress frequently sighted here. The zone’s diverse topography also attracts a variety of other wildlife, making it a hotspot for wildlife enthusiasts.

Tales of Tigers Discovering the Royal Bengal Tigers of Mukki Zone, Kanha National Park India

  • Nilla Nala Male T121 (9 years): Nilla Nala, a magnificent male tiger, exudes regal charm as he roams the Mukki Zone. With nine years of experience in the wild, he commands respect and attention from all who encounter him.
  • T46 (Behshan Ghat Male, 9.5 years old): The enigmatic T46, also known as Behshan Ghat Male, has mesmerized many with his elusive nature and impressive presence in the Mukki Zone.
  • Patta Male (Alpha Male, without code, 7 years old): Patta Male, the powerful alpha of the Mukki Zone, commands authority and respect among the other tigers. Despite not having a specific code, he leaves a lasting impression on all who witness him.
  • Andh Cuna Male T129 (8 years): Andh Cuna, a charismatic male tiger, captivates with his striking appearance and fascinating behavior in the Mukki Zone.
  • DV3 Male (5 years old): DV3, the young and energetic male tiger, is a treat for photographers and enthusiasts looking to witness the exuberance of youthful tigers in action.

Female Tigers in Mukki Zone:

  • Sarmile Tigeress (6 years old) with one cub about 10 months old: Sarmile Tigeress showcases her nurturing side as she tends to her cub, providing photographers with endearing moments of maternal care.
  • Dhawa Zhandi Female T127 (9 years) with 3 cubs, 8 months old: Dhawa Zhandi, a seasoned female with three adorable cubs, offers a rare glimpse into the joys and challenges of raising a tiger family in the wild.
  • Bijli Female (5 years old, T112): The charismatic Bijli Female, at just five years old, captures attention with her grace and elegance as she roams the Mukki Zone.
  • Algi Dadar Female T106 (6 years old) with 3 cubs, 5 months old: Algi Dadar, a dedicated mother with three playful cubs, enchants photographers with heartwarming family interactions.
  • MV3 Female (9 years) with 2 cubs, 18 months old: MV3, a seasoned female, gracefully navigates the Mukki Zone with her two independent cubs, showcasing the transition from dependence to independence.

Kanha Zone: The core zone of Kanha National Park, the Kanha Zone, is famous for its beautiful Sal forests and open grasslands. It provides a perfect backdrop for capturing iconic images of tigers against the lush greenery. The region is home to tiger celebrities like Junior Bajrang and Balwan Male Tiger, offering thrilling encounters with these majestic big cats.

Majestic Roars of Kanha Zone: Experiencing the Presence of Male Tigers

  • Junior Bajrang (8 years old, code T118): Junior Bajrang, a prominent male tiger, roams the Kanha Zone with confidence, making him an enthralling subject for tiger photography.
  • Balwan Male Tiger (8 years old, T116): Balwan, the courageous male tiger, lives up to his name, exhibiting a strong and fearless personality in the Kanha Zone.
  • Dev Talai Male (8 years old, code T05): Dev Talai, a striking male tiger with a distinct territory in the Kanha Zone, showcases his prowess as he navigates his domain.
  • Bhondabra Male (10 years old, code T111): Bhondabra, a veteran in the Kanha Zone, carries the wisdom and experience of a true jungle king.

Queens of Kanha Zone: Graceful Female Tigers in their Natural Habitat

  • Neelam (12 years old, code T65) with 3 cubs, 9 months old: Neelam, a seasoned matriarch, guides her three playful cubs through the Kanha Zone, offering intimate glimpses of family life in the wild.
  • Naina Female (8 years old, code T76) expecting new cubs: Naina, with the prospect of new life, brings anticipation and excitement to the Kanha Zone, providing a unique opportunity for photographers to document her journey as an expecting mother.
  • Bhondabra Female (6 years old) with 3 cubs, one-year-old, code T78: Bhondabra, a youthful and caring mother, ensures her three cubs thrive in the Kanha Zone, showcasing tender family moments.
  • Sunina Female (6 years old, code T) with 3 cubs around 10 months old: Sunina, the doting mother with three mischievous cubs, adds energy and charm to the Kanha Zone’s tiger tales.
  • Neeliema Female (7 years old): Neeliema, with her captivating presence, embodies the essence of grace and strength as she roams the Kanha Zone.
  • Moahni Female (4 years old) expecting newborn cubs: Moahni, filled with the promise of new life, offers a glimpse of hope and renewal in the Kanha Zone.

Kisli Zone: The Kisli Zone charms visitors with its picturesque landscapes, picturesque streams, and serene lakes. This zone provides opportunities to witness female tigers like Sonder Female and Sandook Khol Female, along with their playful cubs, offering heartwarming moments to capture through the lens.

  • Sonder Female (4 years old) with 3 cubs, 9 months old: Sonder, a young and caring mother, embraces the joys and responsibilities of raising her three adorable cubs in the Kisli Zone.
  • DV4 Female (6 years old): DV4, a captivating female tiger, enchants photographers with her elusive nature and unique markings in the Kisli Zone.
  • Ghanghar Female (5 years old) with 2 cubs, 9 months old: Ghanghar, a dedicated mother with two playful cubs, provides an endearing sight for those exploring the Kisli Zone.
  • Sandook Khol Female (8 years old, code T66) with 3 cubs, one and a half years old: Sandook Khol, a nurturing mother, showcases her motherly instincts as she guides her three growing cubs through the Kisli Zone.
  • Zilla Line Female (visits Kisli and Kanha zone, code T58): Zilla Line, an adventurous female, presents photographers with the unique opportunity to capture her presence in both the Kisli and Kanha

Kisli’s Mighty Male Tigers: Icons of Strength in 2023-24

  • M1 Male (10 years old, code T99): The formidable M1 Male, a true veteran of Kanha’s Kisli Zone, commands respect with his impressive presence and majestic aura. At 10 years old, he bears the markings of time and experience, showcasing a rich history of survival and dominance. M1’s striking features and regal demeanor make him a captivating subject for wildlife photographers, offering a rare glimpse into the life of a seasoned tiger ruler.
  • DV2 Male (6 years old): The young and spirited DV2 Male roams Kisli Zone with boundless energy and curiosity. At 6 years old, he is in his prime, exuding a sense of adventure as he explores his territory. With a lean and agile physique, DV2 is known for his playfulness and impressive hunting skills. Capturing DV2’s vibrant personality through the lens is a delightful experience, as he embodies the essence of a thriving young tiger.
  • Z1 Male (6 years old): Z1 Male, the charismatic young tiger of Kisli Zone, is a sight to behold. At just 6 years old, he exhibits a unique blend of confidence and grace, showcasing the potential of becoming a future king of the wild. Z1’s striking features, including his distinctive markings, make him a standout subject for photographers seeking to capture the essence of a rising star in the tiger kingdom.

Sarhi Zone: The Sarhi Zone, relatively less explored, offers a more intimate and secluded safari experience. It provides a chance to encounter elusive tigers like Dhawan Goun Male and Pasha Tola Female, along with a wide variety of other wildlife species, including leopards and sloth bears.

  • Dhawan Goun Male (9 years old, code T67)
  • Amahi Male (8 years old)
  • Pasha Tola Female (8 years old, T13)

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