Booking Process for Canter Safaris in Bandhavgarh


Canter Safari Bandhavgarh National Park

Canter Safari booking process and details in Bandhavgarh National Park. Booking Process for Canter Safaris in Bandhavgarh:

  • On-Site Booking – Canter safaris in Bandhavgarh cannot be booked online. Visitors must book their canter safari tickets in person at the ticket counter within the park. The bookings are typically done on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Limited Capacity – Each canter has a limited capacity, and typically, around 20 people are allowed in one canter. It’s essential to arrive early at the ticket counter to secure your spot.
  • Zone Restrictions – Canter safaris are usually allowed only in specific zones of Bandhavgarh National Park, such as the Magdhi zone and Khituli zone. They are not permitted in the Tala zone.
  • Designated Routes – Canter safaris are restricted to specific routes within the permitted zones. Visitors must follow these designated routes and are not allowed to go off-road.

Canter Safari Charges Bandhavgarh

The charges for canter safaris in Bandhavgarh National Park can vary based on factors such as nationality (Indian or foreign), and they may change from time to time. It’s essential to check with the park authorities for the most up-to-date fee structure. As of my last knowledge update, the charges for canter safaris in Bandhavgarh were as follows.

  • Foreigners – The fee for Canter safaris for foreign tourists is ₹2,000 per person.
  • Indians – The fee for Canter safaris for Indian nationals is ₹1,000 per person.

Canter safaris in Bandhavgarh National Park offer several advantages for visitors who want to explore the park’s wildlife and natural beauty.


  • Viewing from a Long Distance – One of the primary advantages of Canter safaris is that they provide an opportunity to view wildlife from a relatively long distance. The open design of the Canter allows for a broader field of vision, making it easier to spot animals that may be grazing or moving in the distance. This can enhance your chances of seeing a variety of wildlife, including large mammals and birds.
  • Height Advantage – Canters typically have sufficient height to provide an elevated vantage point for wildlife viewing. This elevated position can be particularly advantageous for spotting wildlife hiding in tall grasses or behind vegetation. It allows you to see over obstacles and get a clearer view of animals in their natural habitat.
  • Comfortable Seating – Canters are designed to provide comfortable seating for passengers. The 2-by-2-seating arrangement ensures that visitors have enough space to sit comfortably during the safari. This can be especially important for longer safaris, as comfort contributes to an enjoyable and relaxed experience while exploring the park.
  • Guided Experience – Canters usually have trained naturalist guides on board who provide valuable insights into the park’s ecology, wildlife behavior, and conservation efforts. These guides enhance the overall safari experience by sharing their knowledge and helping passengers learn more about the park’s flora and fauna.
  • Group Experience – Canter safaris are typically conducted in groups, allowing visitors to share their wildlife sightings and experiences with others. This can be a social and enjoyable way to connect with fellow nature enthusiasts and exchange stories and observations during the safari.
  • Photography Opportunities – The comfortable seating and open design of Canters make them well-suited for wildlife photography. You’ll have the opportunity to capture clear shots of animals and landscapes, making it a great choice for photographers.

It’s important to note that the specific advantages of Canter safaris may vary based on individual preferences and the park’s regulations.

If you have not booked an online safari ticket in advance, and you are looking to secure a last-minute safari experience in Bandhavgarh National Park, opting for a Canter safari at the ticket counter can be a viable option. Here are some reasons why Canter Safaris may be a good choice for last-minute bookings.

  • Availability – Canter safaris often have a higher seating capacity compared to smaller vehicles like jeeps, which means there may be a better chance of securing a spot on a Canter, even if you haven’t made a prior reservation. This can be especially advantageous if other safari options are fully booked.
  • Group Experience – Canter safaris are conducted in groups and typically have set departure times. This means that even if you arrive at the ticket counter without a reservation, you can join a scheduled Canter safari with other visitors. Group safaris can be a great way to meet fellow travelers and share the experience.
  • Comfort – Canters are designed for larger groups and often offer comfortable seating arrangements, making them a suitable choice for those looking for a comfortable and enjoyable wildlife-viewing experience.

However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Canter safaris may have fixed schedules, and the availability of last-minute seats depends on the demand. Arriving early at the ticket counter can increase your chances of securing a spot.
  • While Canter safaris offer several advantages, they may not provide the same level of flexibility and intimacy with wildlife as smaller, more maneuverable vehicles like jeeps. If you have specific wildlife or photography preferences, you may want to plan and book a jeep safari.
  • During peak tourist seasons, Canter safaris can also fill up quickly, so it’s advisable to check the availability and be prepared for some waiting time at the ticket counter.

In summary, Canter safaris can be a suitable option for last-minute bookings in Bandhavgarh National Park, offering a chance to explore the park and its wildlife even if you have not booked an online safari ticket in advance. However, it is a good idea to arrive early, be flexible with your timing, and check with the park authorities for the latest availability and scheduling information.

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