Famous Tigers of Bandhavgarh National Park in Tourism Area 2023-24


Famous Tigers of Bandhavgarh and Notable Personalities of the Tourism Zone. The recent tiger census released by the Government of India has brought tremendous joy with the revelation of 165 tigers in Bandhavgarh. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these tigers are not exclusively located within the tourism-designated areas. In fact, only a mere 20% of the total area is accessible to tourists, confined to the core zone. The remaining substantial 80% of the core area remains closed for public access.

Fact Finding Tigers Of Bandhavgarh in Core Zone and Tourism Zone

Within this accessible 20%, there are three distinct core zones – Tala, Magdhi, and Khituli – each offering its unique glimpse into the lives of these majestic creatures. Additionally, the buffer zones, including Dhamokhar, Panchpedhi, and Manpur, provide opportunities for tourists to engage with the wilderness.

However, it’s important to note that the majority of the park’s core area, accounting for 80%, is not accessible to visitors. Similarly, certain outskirt regions also remain off-limits for tourism.

While the numbers of 165 tigers are indeed a cause for celebration, the distribution across the park’s varied zones underscores the importance of targeted exploration to witness these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. As we embark on this journey, we appreciate not just the numbers but the nuances of Bandhavgarh’s tiger population, recognizing the delicate balance that sustains their existence.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park, a realm of nature’s wonders, not only showcases remarkable tigers but also introduces endearing characters that have become synonymous with the park’s charm. These celebrated tigers and notable personalities traverse the tourism zones, adding an enchanting layer to the wilderness experience. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the stories of the famed tigers and the captivating personalities that have graced Bandhavgarh National Park Khituli tourism zone.

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Bajranga-the -resplendent-ing-famous-tiger-of-Bandhavgarh
Credit – Neeraj Singh

Bajranga: The Resplendent King Famous Tigers of Bandhavgarh

In the Tala tourism zone, the resplendent Bajranga reigns as a true monarch. His regal bearing and majestic presence exemplify the untamed spirit of Bandhavgarh. Against the backdrop of the park’s breathtaking landscapes, Bajranga’s aura is a testament to the park’s innate beauty.

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Chakradhara’s Legacy: A Maternal Icon

The Tala zone also bears witness to Chakradhara female and her spirited cubs. Her nurturing ways and the playful antics of her young ones create heartwarming scenes that resonate with all who witness them. As Chakradhara guides her cubs through their formative years, the Tala zone becomes a canvas of love and familial bonds.

Kajrai, who is the daughter of a famous tigress named “Spotty” in the Tala Zone. The mention of “Spotty” being a famous tigress indicates that she might have gained recognition for some reason, perhaps due to her unique appearance or behaviors. Kajrai, as her daughter, could inherit certain traits or characteristics from her mother.

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Dotty: The Mysterious Enchanter

The Magdhi zone welcomes the enigmatic Dotty female, captivating wildlife photographers with her elusive presence. Dotty’s distinctive markings and elusive nature make her a thrilling subject to capture on camera. Amidst Bandhavgarh’s lush landscapes, Dotty’s mystique adds a touch of enchantment to the wilderness.

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Mahaman and Jambhol: Majestic Rulers

The Magdhi zone also introduces the majestic duo of Mahaman and Jambhol male tigers. These awe-inspiring creatures command respect with their dominant presence and powerful stature. Photographers can immortalize their dominance and regal grace against the backdrop of Bandhavgarh’s untamed beauty.

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Bandhavgarh Raw and Tara: Guardians of Motherhood

Famous Tigers of Bandhavgarh Khituli zone, Bandhavgarh Raw female and Tara female showcase their remarkable mothering skills. As they nurture their cubs amidst the lush landscapes, the Khituli zone becomes a haven of tenderness and familial bonds. Additionally, the Khituli zone introduces two captivating personalities:


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Chota Bheem: Playful Charmer

Chota Bheem,son of a famous tiger named Bheem in the Khituli zone. Chota Bheem appears to be a playful and charismatic character who adds a unique and delightful element to the wildlife experience in this zone. His presence seems to capture the hearts of visitors due to his endearing spirit.


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Pujari Male Tiger: The Graceful Wanderer Famous Tigers of Bandhavgarh

Pujari male Tiger, another notable personality of the Khituli zone, adds his unique presence to the park. His graceful movements and distinctive traits contribute to the diversity of the zone’s inhabitants, offering photographers an opportunity to capture his essence amidst Bandhavgarh’s pristine landscapes.


Famous Tigers of Bandhavgarh Khituli Tala Magdhi tourism zone of Bandhavgarh National Park weaves together the tales of famed tigers and cherished personalities. Bajranga, Chakradhara, Dotty, Mahaman, Jambhol, Bandhavgarh Raw, Tara, Chota Bheem, and Pujari male Tiger together compose an enthralling narrative that reflects the untamed allure of the wild. As they traverse this picturesque domain, they continue to inspire awe, wonder, and an appreciation for the delicate balance of nature.

Famous Tigers of Bandhavgarh in past Bandhavgarh National Park has a rich history of hosting some truly remarkable tigers that have left an indelible mark on both the park’s ecosystem and the hearts of wildlife enthusiasts. Here are a few famous tigers from the past that have captured attention:

Charger: One of the most legendary tigers in Bandhavgarh’s history, Charger was known for his dominance and massive territory. He ruled over a significant portion of the park and was a sight to behold with his imposing presence.

Sita: An iconic tigress, Sita was revered for her beauty and grace. She was an incredible mother who raised multiple litters of cubs successfully, contributing significantly to the park’s tiger population.

B2: This majestic male tiger was famous for his distinct “catwalk” behavior, calmly walking on the safari tracks as if on a runway. His relaxed demeanor allowed visitors to witness his regal presence up close.

Mohini: A true queen of Bandhavgarh, Mohini’s name aptly means “enchantress.” She was known for her striking features and captivating aura, leaving visitors spellbound whenever she made an appearance.

Bamera: This powerful male tiger was known for his territorial prowess and distinct appearance. Bamera’s imposing size and commanding presence earned him respect among both fellow tigers and park visitors.

Rajbehra Female: Renowned for her nurturing nature, Rajbehra Female was often seen with her cubs. She showcased the maternal side of tigers, offering a glimpse into their family dynamics.

These famous tigers of Bandhavgarh National Park are not just stories; they represent the park’s conservation efforts and its vital role in protecting these magnificent creatures. Their tales continue to inspire awe and appreciation for the incredible biodiversity of the region.

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