8 To-Do Things Which Complete your Bandhavgarh National Park Tourism

Bengal Tiger

Bandhavgarh National Park is among the special places to spot Bengal Tiger and it serves as a vital national park in Madhya Pradesh. The park is loaded with varied topography and wildlife to offer the ideal habitat to several animals. The best part is that “Bandhavgarh is not all about wildlife safari and sighting”, once you get there you will want to explore more every time you visit. Here are some of the best things you can explore in Bandhavgarh National Park.

No. 1 – Open Jeep Jungle Safari – Core Zone

Open jeep safari is the best option to get a close insight into its wildlife habitat. You can enjoy a pleasing wildlife-watching experience with the elements of fun and adventure. Jeep safaris are available for four hours in two shifts. One shift is available in the morning and the next at around 3 PM. Be sure to do advance booking if you are visiting the park.

The core area in Bandhavgarh is split into three zones –

Gate 1 – Tala zone
Gate 2 – Magadhi Zone
Gate 3 – Khitauli Zone
Tala zone is the most popular and oldest wildlife safari zone. Due to peer pressure to one safari zone and the huge rise in tourist traffic, park management decided to open Magadhi and Khitauli zones. They were not explored well during the initial 2 years. They later started gaining popularity among wildlife enthusiasts.

No. 2 – Jungle Safari (Buffer Zone)

Buffer zones are the best choice for bird watching and are ideal for tourists who couldn’t get permits for core areas and visited when the park is closed, i.e. Wednesday evening. Dhamokhar, Johila, and Panpatha are three buffer zones in Bandhavgarh. They are full of dense greens and you can explore scenic landscapes, waterfalls, and natural spots.

No. 3 – Tiger Spotting at Chakradhara

Chakradhara is a very famous spot for tiger sightings as it is covered by lush hilly areas. There are diverse flora and fauna species to explore. You can find the huge population of tigers here. Some of the wild cats here are Bamera, Bheema, Kankati, Chandini, Dotty Krishna, Rajbhara, Marchaini, and Sukhipatia. You can also head to Bandhavgarh Fort from here.

No. 4 – Trekking to Bandhavgarh Fort

From Tala Zone, you can take a 1-hour trek to Bandhavgarh Fort, which you just can’t miss if you are heading to Bandhavgarh. You should have a guide as the trail also leads to the national park. The fort is located around 807m above sea level at the heart of the park. Bandhavgarh Fort is dated back over 2000 years and is one of the oldest forts in the country. It has caves adorned with intricate paintings.

No. 5 – Experience Rural Tourism

Tala Village is among the major entrances to the nature reserve. It has mud houses that represent the rustic living of the residents. It is filled with resorts where you can find plenty of souvenir shops.

No. 6 – Fulfill Wishes at Jwalamukhi Temple

Located on the bank of Charan Ganga River, the Jwalamukhi Temple is located only 10 km from the national park. Goddess Jwalamukhi is believed to fulfill all of the wishes of devotees who visit here with full faith.

No. 7 – Shop Souvenirs at Bandhavgarh Market

You can find a lot of shopping opportunities in Bandhavgarh as it has a lot of shops to buy some souvenirs like wildlife books, handicrafts, and t-shirts. You can also get photographs of wildlife inside the park. Shops are located behind the museum.

Bandhavgarh School of Arts – It is a tribal art gallery in Tala Village of Umaria district where you can explore the life of tribes and cultures in Madhya Pradesh.

Malaya Café – This exotic café offers delicious pure veg brunches and breakfast for a morning safari. Visit there to taste authentic filter coffee, fresh and dried fruits, homemade lemonade, porridge, and lentil pancakes. Also, taste light dishes and Western and Indian snacks here. It is also as souvenir and crafts shop where you can buy some unique and rare artisan items.

Jaya Arts – They are the leading handicraft wholesalers in the Umaria district. You may get there for the best prices when you shop.
No. 8 – Stay around Exciting Wildlife (Resorts)

High – End Resorts

Taj Mahua Kothi – Stretched over 40 acres, this property offers the best and most exotic accommodation to tourists. It features 12 suites with combined facilities of sit-out verandas, twin beds, a fireplace, and delicious food.

Syna Tiger Resort – Located around the entrance gate to Tala zone, Syna Tiger Resort is stretched over 15 acres. It has a treehouse and 15 world-class cottages. This eco-friendly resort offers all modern amenities and serves organic food. Hence, all ingredients are home-grown in this property.

Luxury Resorts

Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh – Located in Rancha Village, the Kings Lodge is spread over 8 acres and it caters to all the needs of guests. In addition, it offers all modern amenities in 18 cottages. It has a multi-cuisine hall to offer tasty and quality food.
Tree House Hideaway – Located around the Tala Gate of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Tree House Hideaway is beautifully covered by the jungle over 21 acres. It has all modern amenities in 5 AC tree houses. There is a living area, 24×7 hot and cold water, and a mini-bar, with continental, Indian, and barbecue meals served.

Deluxe Resorts

You can find some great arrangements and facilities in these resorts if you are looking for great accommodation. In addition, they offer wonderful experiences with security and comfort, and quality food. Some of the best deluxe resorts are Tiger Trails, Nature Heritage, Maharaja Royal Retreat, Tiger Den, Bandhavgarh Meadows, Jungle Mantra, Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge, Tiger Lagoon, and others.

Standard Resorts

They fall under the basic category which fulfills the accommodation needs of guests. One of them is Mogli Jungle Resort, which is based on the forest theme.

Budget Resorts
If you are on a shoestring budget, you may prefer staying at Greenwoods, Salvan, Bagh Sarai, Tiger Inn, Jungle Inn, and Tiger Heaven for some decent food and amenities.

Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the best places when it comes to exploring the rich biodiversity of nature. These are some of the best places to visit to improve the overall experience.

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