Tiger Shows
Note:- Tiger show is banned in central india, after supreme court decission.
Tiger Show in Bandhavgarh
Tiger Show at Bandhavgarh National Park : The Forest authority of Bandhavgarh National park organizes a Tiger Show for tourists through tokens on strictly on first-come-first-serve basis. The vehicles take it in turns to drive to the location where one is taken by elephant to view the tiger. The elephants can approach the tigers at very close proximity, often as close as 3-4 meters without seemingly causing any distress to either animal.
Country Forest entry fees Guide Fees Elephant Fees
Indians 1030=00 200=00 200=00 Per Person
Foreigners 2030=00 200=00 600=00
Note: Tiger shows can't be guaranteed since they are strictly subject to the successful tiger tracking.
These facilities are available only in Magdhi Zone Bandhavgarh National Park
Elephant Joy Rides at Bandhavgarh National Park
Joy Rides in Bandhavgarh National Park : Forest Department of Bandhavgarh National Park its basically one and two hours In Magdhi Zone Bandhavgarh National Park booking one day before Strictly first come first serve basis.
Country Forest Entry fees Guide fees Joy rides Fees
Indians 2550=00 200=00 500=00 Per Person
Foreigners 4050=00 200=00 1500=00 Per Person
Note : Elephant Joy Rides Timing 8 AM to 9 AM & 9 AM to 10 PM

Elephants for Professionals and Filming
Elephants for Professionals In Bandhavgarh National Park Forest department organize during the morning Safari half day. Same as first come first serve,
Providing bank draft to Deputy Director Bandhavgarh National Park

Country Filming Fees Elephant Fees Security Fees Guide Fees
One Person 15000=00 15000=00 5000=00 400=00
Two Person 30000=00 15000=00 10000=00 400=00
Three person 45000=00 15000=00 15000=00 400=00
Note : Maximum Number of tourist only three person are allowed.
Rs. 5000.00 of security money will be refunded to per person wise after providing DVD of complete photographs to the Forest Department with in one month.
Wildlife view from – Hide, Machan, Watch Tower.
Using Hide or Watch tower it great opportunity to spot the tigers and birds other wildlife as well.
Forest Management can limit the number of persons at any spot according to the sensitivity of the site this facility will be allowed only for a maximum of four Hours.
Indian Citizens Foreigners Citizens
200=00 Per Person 600=00 Per Person