Bandhavgarh Rules and Regulations

Find the Bandhavgarh National Park rules and Regulations 

  • Abide by these Park rules and regulations during the Jungle Safari. Non-obedience will lead to legal action.
  • Don’t enter the Bandhavgarh National Park with fire arms or explosives.
  • Obtain a valid permit before entering the wildlife reserve Park.
  • Don’t carry cigarette or match box During the Tiger Safari.
  • Don’t smoke or light fire, it can cause forest fire.
  • Don’t carry or play transistor or tape recorder inside the Bandhavgarh National park.
  • It is compulsory to take official guide with every vehicle.
  • Drive slow. Recommended speed 20 km/hr.
  • Don’t carry mobile phones 
  • Do not drive fast in to the reserve 
  • Entry and exit point will be same gate
  • Do not make make noises  
  • Don’t blow horn into the wildlife reserve and around the wildlife area.
  • Don’t litter with cans, bottles, plastic bags, etc. Keep garbage in the paper bag provided and dispose off safely outside the park.
  • Always carry drinking water.
  • Wait for your turn to ride elephant. Stay inside your vehicle till your turn.
  • Don’t get down, unless told by the guide.
  • Don’t remove any forest property including plants or animals from the park.
  • Take nothing back except photos and memories.
  • Always obey the mahout and the Guide for your own safety.
  • Maintain silence & discipline during excursions.
  • Don’t chase or tease animals or try to feed them.
  • Animals have the right of the way. Wait if they are crossing the road.
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