Kanha National Park Resort & Hotel

Accommodation is a basic necessity for any place of tourist interest. But here at Kanha National Park in Central India, things differ a bit. Being remote area management is often stressfull but in spite of the hotels and resorts at Kanha National Park have developed a reputation of providing modern amenities and state of art services. But in this tiger heaven, things do not stop here; Kanha National Park Resort have to provide informative and thrilling wildlife experiences besides all things good.

Central Feature of all properties is that they follow responsible guidelines and hence employ locals as comprising of eighty percent of the staff. The construction comprises of locally procured environment-friendly materials with energy-saving design and recourse friendly amenities.  Tariffs are subject to change with the season, hence make sure. Summer tariff is generally lower as it is considered off-season since the overseas visitors prefer to stay away during the hot season.    

According to class and services, the categories are based on tariff, amenities, location, décor, luxuries, and state of art services. Hence these are called high end or luxury hotels and resorts. We categorise resorts in Kanha National Park into four categories : High-End Hotels and Resorts, 5 Star Hotels Resorts, Luxury Hotels and Resort 4 Star Hotels and Resorts in Kanha, Deluxe Hotels & Resorts, 3 Star Hotels and Resorts in Kanha, Standard and Budget Hotels resorts in Kanha as  2 Star Hotels in Kanha. Basically, hotels conform to urban class structures while resorts have more traditional makeup and an ambiance which matches with the wilderness all around. But both provide accommodation and food hence little difference is there. 

Most of the high end accommodations have a finite number of rooms’ average being twelve rooms, luxury tents, and independent cottages. These also include high-class homestays being commercial in nature. Fine dining is an essential feature of the high-end properties and many have a reputation that attracts repeated clients. Some of the high-end properties that have a reputation are Banjar Tola Safari Lodge a five-star property belonging to Taj Group, Singinawa Resort, and Shergarh Tented Accommodation. 

These properties receive very high-end clients and sometimes VIPs as well. Big budget photography groups, reputed filming companies, and professional photographers have become a regular clientele.

With a troupe expert naturalists and class vehicles the high-end resorts are capable of delivering enhanced wildlife experience and thrilling safaris. 

  • Banjar Tola Safari Lodge
  • Singinawa Resort Kanha
  • Shergarh Resort Kanha

These are no less comparable with the high-end resorts but usually have a tariff which is high to mid-range. The services, amenities, and facilities are comparable to the best. Termed luxury properties they have a high reputation at Kanha. 

Some of the reputed properties in this category is:

  • Kanha Earth Lodge
  • Chitwan Jungle Lodge
  • Tuli Tiger Resort Kanha
  • Flame Of The Forest
  • Courtyard House Kanha
  • Asteya Safaris Kanha 
  • Kanha Jungle Camp
  • Kipling Camp Kanha
  • Infinity Resorts Kanha
  • Kanha Jungle Lodge
  • Bagh Villas Resort Kanha
  • The Bagh Resort Kanha
  • Club Mahindra Kanha
  • Sterling Resort Kanha

These properties have a chosen location in the jungle of the buffer zone and placed amidst panoramic settings that offer an extremely pleasing view.  They are all capable of providing extreme wilderness experience and facilities that enhance information regarding the biodiversity and the elements of Kanha Ecosystem.

The accommodation is provided in luxury tents, independent cottages, well-appointed rooms within the structures as well as those spread out in the complex. With many sittings on terraces, balconies, in the bush and besides the pool your holiday experience of wilderness and relaxation is enhanced greatly.     

Besides serving to find cuisine at many locations within and near the complex a fine dining restaurant and lobby cum bar are the central features of luxury hotels and resorts. This attracts the clients of tiger safari at Kanha to properties mention above. In fact, due to mid-range tariffs the most populated places in the reserves especially by professional photographers, filmmakers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Tourists arrive here in small family or friendly groups or as independent travelers. The few with very large setup or rooms entertain large groups ranging up to twenty people but this is less often the case after restriction of park entry came into the picture. 

These reputed properties employ the finest naturalists in India to offer a scintillating experience of wilderness in the park and around their own surroundings in the buffer. Though placed in equal class some have a more modern urban-like architecture while traditional outfits are no less which gel well with the wild surroundings. Many holidaymakers prefer the urban type of properties which they are used to while traveling to other destinations.

Deluxe lodges are also mid-range properties often open for bargain or discounts especially to group travelers and holidaymakers interested in few days of fun and frolic. The client profiles differ in that there are less overseas visitors, more holidaymakers, and the noisy tourist types locals. Most of these are regular visitors and are very conscious of the tariff. Though the properties are not budget accommodation since modern amenities bit scaled-down are available. The food and services are good with restaurants in the place served by trained waiters and food prepared by experienced cooks.    

  • Baghira Log Huts Kanha
  • Aamod Bagh Tola Kanha
  • Celebration Resort Kanha
  • Krishna Jungle Resort
  • Nature Next Resort
  • Soulacia Resort Kanha
  • Royal Tiger Resort
  • 7 Tiger Resort Kanha

Some of the deluxe resorts have a well-managed pool and outside dining facilities but some may not have a pool. Naturalist service too may be absent and you will have to rely on local guides for wildlife interpretation at Kanha.  The rooms may be less specious with scaled-down furnishings but generally, they are neat and clean. Wait for service may not be provided or very basic manned by just one or two helpers who multitask.  Climate controls like coolers or AC if any would come at a higher price.    

While looking at these properties a careful review and scrutiny are required though the price reduction at times could be overwhelming and play with your discretionary powers. The property website could be basic without providing much information hence you will have to rely on reputed review sites like the Tripadvisor. But guests should not stay at the deluxe properties with much expectation.

Standard or Budget Hotels Resorts are no expectation properties situated near park entrances or nearest township. Most of these are carved out of residential buildings in the nooks and corners or the local bazaar and maintain prices as per the season or the rush. They are always open to bargain since the only amenity they provide is small living quarters with little or no climate control. Many of them have separate bathrooms with Indian style toilets which can cause discomfort to overseas visitors.

Students, extended stay clients, and those on budget travel seek these properties. Hence those who wish to stay in these surroundings should not expect any luxury at all rather rely on neatness and small service with basic food.    

The standard accommodation types generally comprise or a row of rooms with or without the attached bathroom and with or without a restaurant alternated by food from the locality. 

There is no shortage of accommodation at Kanha National Park. All are situated in the buffer or the outer ring of the forests generally closer to the entrance gates. Most of the properties are situated at Mukki Gate or Khatia Gate conforming to different categories as mentioned above.

Advance booking is much advised as during the festivals and weekends, the properties may be fully booked.  Since tourism is aged tourism has aged the infrastructure is good but some essentials may not be available in the destination townships or villages hence purchase them in advance and maintain stock. Also, carry plenty of cash.

Avoid roadside eateries or dhabas but some of them are good for a change of local cuisine if you wish to visit them seek reference. Be careful about street food in India and be discrete. 

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