Reptiles in Bandhavgarh

The Bandhavgarh wildlife preserve is home to many reptilian species. Most of these are nocturnal by habit but snakes like the python can be seen in day time in marshy habitats and water holes. Among the snakes the poisonous species are the Cobra, Krait and Viper. Most of the other snakes are relatively harmless: Rat snake, sand boa, water snakes, grass snakes, bronze backed flying snake, checkered keel back, oliveacious keel back, green keel back, blue striped keel back, red boa, Leaf nosed snake and many more.

The snakes being nocturnal are less seen their visibility increases during the monsoon as they have to come out forcibly due to inundation. The nature reserve is best place to study snakes for herpetologists. Lot of ground work has to be done before one can conduct successful research in BTR.

Spectacled Cobra (Poisonous)

Sand Boa (Harmless)

Russell's Viper (Poisonous)

Red Boa (Harmless)

Green Whip Snake (Harmless)

Common Rat Snake (Harmless)

Banded Krait (Poisonous

Banded Krait (Poisonous)

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