Tiger Facts

The tigers never live in a pride like the lions do they are by habit solitary animals and come together only to mate. In case of tigress with cubs, they live together for about two years. The period gives the mother enough time to train and educate the cubs before they leave her. The males are fiercely territorial animals and guard their territory by means of chemically announcing their presence.

Vocalization is in order to attract the opposite sex. The chemical means of communication is dissemination of pheromones vide sprays, urine and scat. Scratch markings on bark is another form of announcing one’s territory.
Tiger ambush their prey in which very little chase is involved. They do not hunt like lions, which chase their prey in-group. Like all big cats, they rupture spinal column in the 3 rd and 4 th vertebral column and aorta in the neck with their powerful canines and incisors The air passages are blocked as well during the frontal attack.

In case of larger animals like the bison, they often injure and rupture the veins of hindquarters in order to weaken and kill the animal.An adult tiger consumes around thirty kgs of meat at one go and need more than three thousand kilograms of meat per year to survive. Main prey base of the tiger in India are the spotted deer and the sambar but the tiger consumes all major life forms. Tiger is on the brink of extinction due to habitat loss indiscriminate poaching, inbreeding and disease. Strong conservation measure are required to the save the animal in India.

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