Animal Check list

Kipling Country is that forest belt where Mowgli the Wolf Child frolicked with wild denizens the wolf pack and Baloo and Bagheera his constant companions.

Both the tiger reserves are Kipling Country for they were once contiguous belt of forests in the Satpura Range in Central India. Not anymore, the forests are badly fragmented but still retain their exotic charm and charismatic delightful panoramic grandeur of the hills and valleys.

They are both connected by road and can be toured in one package. The pristine glory of Seoni Hills as written by Kipling is a shining example of the beauty of the jungles and can be experienced during the tour. 

Of the two Pench is drier formation with a composition of mixed forests, small grasslands, and bamboo. The other is wetter with the Sal forest dominating in most of the tracts.   More antelopes like Nilgai can be seen at Pench core while in the other antelopes is seen more in the outskirts. Wolf is also present in both the tiger reserve but more frequently seen in Pench National Park.

In both the reserves, on tiger safaris memories of the Mowgli and the wild denizens so vividly described in the Jungle Book spring to life. The naked child is no more but his companions are very much present though in a smaller area. 

The tiger reserves offer the best chance to see the big cat in the wild. Other enchanting creatures much sought after in excursions are the sloth bear, wild dog, leopard, and the bison.  Birds abound and on the tours, you will make a good checklist with many discoveries.

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