Tiger Family Bandhavgarh Animals Check list

Animal List in Bandhavgarh
Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is a prime tiger habitat. It is home to Central Indian fauna with more than 22 species of mammals. Hanuman langur and rhesus macaque represent the primate group. Among the carnivore species tiger, leopard, wolf, jackal, fox, ratel, gray and ruddy mongoose, striped hyena, wild dog and jungle cat have been notified. Ungulates include barking deer, four horned deer, spotted deer, sambhar, chinkara, nilgai and wild boar. Porcupine, flying squirrel, lesser bandicoot rat and three-striped palm squirrel belong to Family Rodentia. The nocturnal animals and birds are the night jars, owls Eurasian thick knee, small Indian civet and toddy cat and Rufus-tailed. The wild dog, Bengal fox, sloth bear, leopard and tiger found in Bandhavgarh are endangered animals. Mammals List Tiger Safari Bandhavgarh
English Name Local name Scientific Name
Tiger Sher / Bagh Panthera Tigeris
Leopard Tendua/ Gulbagha Panthera Pardus
Jungle Cat Jungli Billi Felis chaus
Wolf Bhediya Canis Lupus
Indian Fox Lomri/Siyar Vulpes Bengalensis
Wild Dog Sone Kutta Cuon Alpinus
Hyaena Lakker Bagha Hyaena Hyaena
Sloth Bear Bhalu Melursus Ursinus
Common Languor Bander Presbyties
Rhesus Macaque Lal Moua Bander Presbyties entellus
Blue Bull Nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus
Four Horned Antelope Chosingha Tetraceros quadricornis
Jackal Gidar, siyar, sikat Canis aureus
Chinkara Chigri Gazella
Samber Samber Cervus unicolor
Spotted Dear Chital Cervus Axis
Gaur Jungli Bhaisa Bos gaurus
Barking Dear Bhansa Muntiacus Muntjac
Indian wild Boar Suar Sus Scrofa
Common Palm cat Kasturi Aradoxurus Hermaphroditus
Small Civet cat Kasturi Viverricula indica
Ruddy Mongoose Neola Newra Herpestes smithi
Common Mongoose Neola Newra Herpestes edwardsi
Honey Badger Kaber Bijoo Mellivora capensis
Five Striped Palm Squirrel Gilehari Funambulus pennanti
Indian Porcupine Sehi Hystrix indica
Indian Hare Khargosh Lepus nigricollis
Indian Pangolin Chikara Manis Crassicaudata

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Tiger sightings in Bandhavgarh National Park

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Tiger sightings in Bandhavgarh National Park

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