Full Day Safari in Bandhavgarh

Full Day Safari For Photographers & Wildlife Lovers

Join our expert guides on an extended safari designed for tracking tigers and wild animals. Explore the park throughout the day, maximizing your chances of encountering these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Indeed, a Full Day Safari in Bandhavgarh presents a fantastic opportunity for wildlife photographers. The extended duration allows photographers to capture a diverse range of wildlife moments in various lighting conditions, making it especially appealing for those seeking comprehensive and immersive photo opportunities. The flexibility to avail all timings in the park throughout the day can be particularly advantageous for capturing the elusive behaviors of animals.

For filmmakers as well, the extended duration of a Full Day Safari is ideal. It provides ample time to shoot footage, observe animal behavior, and create a more detailed and nuanced documentation of the wildlife in its natural habitat.

Moreover, the extended safari duration is beneficial for guides as they have more time to track and locate animals, especially tigers, ensuring a higher likelihood of successful sightings. This not only enhances the experience for tourists but also contributes to the conservation efforts by promoting responsible and informed wildlife tourism.

In summary, a Full Day Safari in Bandhavgarh is a win-win for wildlife photographers, filmmakers, guides, and the overall conservation initiatives in the park.

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Full Day Safari Timing Bandhavgarh

The safari operates from dawn to dusk, providing tourists with a comprehensive experience throughout the day. Notably, the entry timings deviate slightly from the standard schedule, allowing visitors to enter fifteen minutes earlier than usual and stay fifteen minutes later than the regular safari timings. This adjustment aims to enhance the overall safari experience by extending the time available for exploration and wildlife observation.

Furthermore, tourists have the flexibility to exit the park at their discretion. This feature adds a level of convenience, enabling visitors to conclude their safari whenever they feel ready, accommodating varying preferences and schedules. Overall, this safari structure is designed to offer both extended access and personalized control, ensuring an enriched and adaptable experience for all participants.

One has to write latter to field Director of Bandhavgarh for permission. You have to send the application for full day safari along with a draft of Rupees ten thousand as security money as well as the fees of fullday safari permit. The FD office is situated in Umaria Township nearby. 

Full-day safaris offer the advantage of unrestricted access to various tourism zones throughout the day, providing participants with the flexibility to explore different areas at their discretion. This means that visitors are not confined to a specific tourism zone and can freely cross over from one zone to another as they wish.

However, it’s important to note that while the full-day safari allows for this flexibility, there are still limits in place to ensure responsible tourism. Participants are not permitted to breach the designated tourism zone limits. This restriction is in place to maintain the ecological balance, protect wildlife habitats, and uphold conservation efforts.

A noteworthy feature: If entering from the Tala zone, a seamless transition to the Magdhi zone is allowed, and vice versa. However, access to the Khituli zone requires exiting from either the Tala or Magdhi zones, as Khituli is not directly connected to Magdhi and Tala. This strategic approach to zone access enhances the overall safari experience, providing a carefully curated adventure for nature enthusiasts.

This amount is refunded once the visitor has submitted a set of images/video pertaining to that safari. A charge fixed by the department is to be paid for the safari which is higher than the regular visit. Charges for Foreigners and Indians are the same.

The full-day safari experience has certain limitations to ensure a controlled and responsible exploration of the wildlife areas. In this context, only four tourists or photographers are permitted to participate in the full-day safari, accompanied by a guide and a driver. This limited group size helps minimize the impact on the environment and wildlife, promoting a more intimate and less disruptive experience.

It’s noteworthy that despite the extended duration and exclusivity of the full-day safari, all regulations pertaining to the jeep safari remain consistent with the regular permit guidelines. These regulations likely include rules about maintaining a safe distance from animals, respecting designated paths, and adhering to specific hours of operation. By maintaining uniform regulations, authorities aim to ensure the conservation of the ecosystem and the well-being of the wildlife while providing participants with an extended and immersive safari experience.

To secure entry for the safari, interested individuals must visit the Safari booking office located at the entrance gate of the reserve. Here, they will need to complete the necessary formalities, and upon successful completion, the entry for the specified date is confirmed. The subsequent step involves hiring a registered jeep through the association affiliated with the reserve.

On the day of the safari, a guide is provided at the entrance gate, where visitors must submit their entry pass for verification. Once this process is completed, participants are prepared for the safari adventure. Additionally, if desired, individuals can opt to hire a naturalist guide to enhance their experience.

It is essential for safari-goers to be well-prepared by carrying water, breakfast, and lunch. Cups and plates should also be included in the provisions. Importantly, participants are reminded to bring back all leftovers, as disposing of them at designated eating areas is not allowed. Furthermore, the guidelines strictly prohibit alcohol and smoking during the safari to maintain a respectful and eco-friendly environment. Adhering to these instructions contributes to the overall preservation of the reserve’s ecosystem and ensures a responsible and enjoyable safari experience.

Q: What is a full-day safari in Bandhavgarh and how is it different from other safari options?

A: A full-day safari in Bandhavgarh allows you to spend an entire day exploring the park, providing extended opportunities for wildlife photography and in-depth wildlife observation compared to shorter safaris.


Q: How do I book a full-day safari in Bandhavgarh?

A: You can book a full-day safari through the official park authorities or authorized safari operators. It’s recommended to book in advance due to limited availability.


Q: What is the ideal group size for a full-day safari?

A: The group size for a full-day safari can be 4 participants in the jeep on full day safari in Bandhavgarh.


Q: What are the timings of a full-day safari?

A: The timings for a full-day safari usually start early in the morning and extend until late afternoon, maximizing the time spent in the park.


Q: Can I expect multiple tiger sightings during a full-day safari?

A: While multiple tiger sightings are possible, they are not guaranteed. Tigers are wild animals and their behavior is unpredictable.


Q: What type of vehicles is used for full-day safaris?

A: Full-day safaris often use open-top 4×4 vehicles that are suitable for wildlife viewing and photography. These vehicles are driven by experienced guides.


Q: How do I prepare for a full-day safari in terms of photography equipment?

A: Bring along your camera with a telephoto lens for capturing distant wildlife, extra memory cards, spare batteries, and a sturdy camera bag.


Q: Can I explore different zones of the park during a full-day safari?

A: You can explore different zones of Bandhavgarh National Park throughout the day.

The full-day safari package for Bandhavgarh National Park, priced at 90,000 INR, appears to be a comprehensive and all-inclusive option for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. This rate covers various expenses, making it convenient for visitors. The inclusion of Jeep charges, guide fees, forest entry fees, and taxes ensures that participants do not encounter additional costs during the safari experience.

For both Indian and foreign tourists, this package provides a clear and upfront understanding of the total expenses involved, simplifying the booking process and allowing individuals to plan their budget accordingly. The transparency in pricing and the inclusion of all relevant fees contribute to a hassle-free and enjoyable wildlife experience for those seeking a full-day safari adventure in Bandhavgarh National Park.

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